The rain is falling harder and the hailstones are increasing in numbers. A rumbling of the storm has also joined in the party.

“Stay sharp,” Zakhele says. “That arm, eye and claws are the creature’s power.”

“At least we’re able to cut this one,” Kerina says.

Queen Wabara growls, and when she swings her right arm, the force of the air pushes Monroe and knocks his head on a tree. He is left unconscious on the ground. When Lindi tries to go to Monroe, the creature uses the right arm again, but it smashes the ground and a branch flies to wound Lindi on her stomach. She falls on the ground, losing a lot of blood.

“Summer! Heal her right now!” Zakhele shouts and Summer goes quickly to heal Lindi.

The creature growls again, and the right eye turns a deep black, which makes it able to control any species. After a while, a flock of birds came flying from the trees and attacked Summer, trying to stop her from healing Lindi. While Summer is fighting the birds, Zakhele sees Lindi struggling to breath. He runs towards the creature with his knives in his hands and jumps in front of it to stab it, but the creature grabs Zakhele by the neck with his right hand.

With the Queen now preoccupied, the birds get free from her control, and Summer manages to heal Lindi before she dies. Zakhele struggles to breathe under the creature’s grip, but it quickly puts him out of his misery when the burning claws chop his body in half.

“Nooooooo!!!!” Kerina screams in horror while Anito’s heart takes a horrifying shock.

Kerina and Anito run to attack the creature in anger, but before getting anywhere near it, the creature uses the right arm for a powerful air force to push them to the ground. The creature then drops flames on the branches and uses the force of the air to make the burning branches fly towards Anito and Kerina, but they are saved when Summer (as a creature) jump in front of them to defend them by knocking the branches with her claws, causing them to fly to the river.

Once she has saved Anito and Kerina, Summer runs towards the creature. The creature then releases air forces, but Summer is able to dodge them until she attacks the it. The two creatures then engage in a deadly fight.

Summer strikes her claws on the creature, and the creature is too slow to strike back, missing a countless number of time because Summer is using the advantage of its weakness. The creature finally manages to use the burning claws and release burning flames towards Summer, but she luckily drops into a splash of water.

On seeing this, the creature growls and the storm rumbles in the sky again while the rain continues, but it is still not able to put out the burning flame on its claws. The creature is also wounded.

Kerina and Anito run back to the creature again, and they are able to dodge the burning flames coming towards them. Kerina strikes on the creature’s leg, while Anito strikes it on the body. Meanwhile, Lindi finally gets up and runs to check on Monroe, who is still unconscious, but Lindi gives him a couple of slaps and he finally wakes up.

“What happened?” Monroe asks as he gets up on his feet.

“Listen to me,” Lindi says. “You need to use your power to make that creature weak.”

“I don’t think I can pump my heart for a long time.”

“Yes you can,” Lindi says. “Remember what Zakhele said. Just press it harder and hold on for a while. Your power is more powerful than anyone else’s.”

Monroe nods quickly and Lindi runs to help Anito and Kerina.

The creature strikes its claws on the right arm towards Anito, and he flies to off to splash in the river. The creature then turns the right eye again, and it turns pure black to control any species. At this point, Anito is in the river wounded, and he sees two crocodiles coming towards him very fast.

“Help!!” he screams, panicking while trying to swim out from the river, but the crocodiles get to him and tear him into pieces.

While Kerina watches Anito being eaten alive, she is distracted and the creature strikes the burning flames on her and she smashes on the ground with her body badly burnt. Lindi then comes unexpectedly from the back and jumps on the creature and stabs it on the head.

Summer quickly heals Kerina while Monroe begins pumping his heart. While this is happening, the creature growls and shakes Lindi off its body, but the creature’s head begins to hurt and it growls louder to fight it off. Monroe pumped his heart harder, and the creature’s heart stopped beating. The creatures goes down on its knees and that creates a perfect opportunity for them to kill it.

“Summer!!!” Lindi calls out and she transforms back to the creature after healing Kerina. In the ends, Summer and Lindi are finally able to chop off the creature’s head.


Tell us: With the Queen now dead, what do you think the Protectors need to do next?