The twins and Kerina step forward and fire their guns at the creatures, but the bullets don’t do any harm on them and they are left aghast. Anton and Lindi fight Idowu (as a creature) with their knives, and they dodge possible strikes from the claws. Monroe pumps his heart, and the creature’s head begins to be in pain, but the creature is fast, turning quickly and swings its legs to smash both Anton and Lindi to the ground.

Anito and Kerina cut Oge (as a creature) when her head is also in pain, but the wounds are dripping hot lava instead of blood. Anito then strikes a fist, but his hand is burnt from the lava coming out of the creature’s skin. Kerina attempts to kick it, but the creature grabs her foot while also fighting the pain on its head, and it swings Kerina to smash on the ground. Zakhele is surprised by how powerful the creatures are. He gets angry and attacks the creatures by himself. He has two knives in hand, and he strikes and cuts both creatures in different ways. Lindi is surprised to see how skillful Zakhele is because she has never seen him fight that way before.

Monroe continues pumping his heart, causing the creature’s heart to stop.

Kerina and Anito join to fight the creatures at their weak points, just like Lindi. They overpower the creatures together, but it is not enough, since the blades they are suing are not doing any harm to them. The creatures strike with their claws while having heart attacks caused by Monroe, but everyone is able to dodge them because the creatures have become slow.

Monroe catches a breath when he gets down on his knee, allowing the creatures to gain their strength.

While this is happening, Idowu grabs Anito and throws him to the ground, and Oge strikes her claws at Kerina, wounding her arm. Zakhele and Lindi continue fighting the creatures together, stabbing them on every corner. But it’s useless, though. The creatures hit them with uppercuts, sending them flying to the ground.

Anton, while nursing his burnt hand, gets up and attempts to strike the creatures, but Idowu strikes her claws at his face, and he falls to the ground. but it isn’t finished with him, though. Once Anton was on the floor, Idowu comes closer to him and assassinates him with her claws on his face.

“Nooooooo!” Anito screams from the ground, feeling pained to see his twin brother being slaughtered like an animal right in front of him. He gets up angrily, wanting to attack the creature, but Lindi stops him by grabbing him with her hands.

Once Lindi has successfully stopped Anito, he starts crying in her arms.

Zakhele, Kerina and Monroe watch in horror at Anton’s death while the rain is still falling hard on them, so too are the hailstones.

Idowu and Oge growl as they wait for the third round, possibly to finish them off.

“They’re too powerful!” Monroe says.

“There’s nothing more powerful than your heart,” Zakhele says while standing up. “You just need to press it harder and hold it for much longer!” He then glares at Queen Wabara.

“Last chance!” the Queen says from the distance, raising her voice. “Give me the boy, and I shall reward you with your lives.”

“Go to hell!” Zakhele says, clenching his jaws out of anger.

“Idowu! Oge!” the queen calls out to the creatures, causing them to growl. “End their miserable lives!”

The Protectors are all up on their feets, prepared for another battle, but Monroe is still catching his breath. They hear a growl from the sky when the other creatures are about to attack. They look up and see a creature jumping out from a helicopter. Monroe smiles as he recognizes the creature, which will be fighting along his side.


Tell us: Now that one of the Protectors is dead, how do you think the fight is going to end? Also, who do you think the creature jumping out of the plane is?