In Nigeria, there is a small castle at Mount Patti Hill. There is a Japanese man carrying a steel case and he is walking towards the castle doors. He is the same Japanese man from Uruguay, the one that chopped off the boy’s arm in the church.

The castle doors automatically open and the Japanese man steps inside. Two Nigerian men wearing traditional dress for Muslim men walk towards him holding long spears, and one of them instructs the Japanese man to follow him. They enter another door and inside, there are other Nigerian men standing on each corner of the room, also wearing the Islamic dress.

When the Japanese man glances in front of him, he sees a Nigerian woman sitting on a throne, dressed in traditional women’s Islamic attire that conceals the hair and the body from the ankles to the neck, and it also covers her face. There are other two other Nigerian women standing behind her, also wearing Hijabs and holding long spears.

After seeing this, the Japanese man walks towards the woman, and the other two men remain at the door.

“Hirotoshi Suzuki,” the woman says with a horrifyingly girlish voice. “How nice of you to finally return from your mission.”

“Queen Wabara,” Hirotoshi says, kneeling and bowing his head. “I apologize for taking such a long time to return. I had some troubles with The Protectors.”

“What have you got for me?”

The Japanese man opens the steel case, and there is the boy’s arm stashed inside.

On seeing this, the queen jerks her head to the woman on the left and speaks in Yoruba. “Idowu, mu ẹjọ ki o fi sii pẹlu awọn meji miiran (take the case and put it with the other two).”

After hearing the instruction, the woman closes the case, picks it up and disappears to the back door.

“You’ve done well, Mr Suzuki,” the Queen says, then she turns her head to the woman on her right. “Oge, fun u ni owo rẹ (give him his money).”

As instructed, the woman walks to a small table and takes a briefcase. She then goes to the Japanese man and puts it on the floor in front of him and opens it, then she returns to the Queen. Once the woman was back at her spot, the Japanese man looks into the briefcase and there is a stash of American dollars inside.

“Thank you, my Queen,” Hirotoshi says.

“You may leave, and find me more of these abilities.”

After looking into the case, Hirotoshi Suzuki closes it, stands on his feet, bows and leaves to exit the room.


Tell us: Now that the Queen has her new abilities, what do you think she is going to do with them?