The truth is Amos and Joseph had followed Lizzy from the moment she left the house and they had seen her walking with Themba and running away. A few days after Sterring came back he became very ill, and it looked like for certain that he might lose his life, him and Themba went to many doctors and none of them could find out what’s the problem and nothing appeared wrong on their machines. This bothered Themba so much that he could not see Lizzy anymore and he was also starting to lose weight as seeing his lifelong friend like this bothered him a lot.

A few days later Lizzy managed to convince Amos to help the two friends out as they were in dire need at that time. Amos agreed to this because he could not ever say no to any of Lizzy’s requests. He took his bag of ancient medicine and went to where the boys lived. As soon as he entered the apartment he informed them that there was a dark force roaming in these walls. It had been sent by Sterring’s father who was also a witch doctor, in order to make his son so sick that he doesn’t finish his course and comes back home.

Amos performed a short ritual which got rid of the dark force and gave Sterring his health back, this made the boys very happy and they were both jumping with joy. Strerring made some food and for the first time in five days, Themba finally ate something. As Amos was leaving Themba accompanied him outside to bid him farewell. Just before that Themba said to Amos “You really have to teach me how you did that,” and Amos said “Well no problem, just as long as you also teach me how you make my wife so happy”.

Themba was shocked by this and asked him what he meant by that.

“Well before you came into the picture my wife was a very unhappy and suicidal person. We were on the brink of divorce, but ever since you came along everything has changed. She no longer has the negative attitude towards life she had before. The truth is I have been following the two of you for some weeks trying to figure what’s keeping her so happy so that I can be able to save my marriage, but I just can’t seem to figure out how you do it.”

“See Amos, your wife loves you for you, otherwise she would have not married you. The little things we do for those we love are the ones that matter the most. I’ve seen your efforts in terms of cooking for her and the other stuff that you do, but at the end of the day what your wife is really missing is that personal touch. Since she started jogging have you ever complemented her on the weight loss? See those are the small details that matter to a woman. You don’t have to do chores for her, she can do them all on by herself. You just need to be there for her, show affection towards her, make her feel like the most important person in your life and you can never go wrong, Amos.”

After these words Amos suddenly realized how he had neglected his wife’s emotional and physical needs. How she started jogging to lose weight because she felt like she was no longer attractive to Amos any more. He realized how everything she did was for him.


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