Themba and Sterring had been best friends since childhood, and they went through the entire school system, from grade 1 to grade 12 together. This year they were off to college, for the first time, together. Sterring was the quite one of the two, but on the other hand Themba was the opposite of that, he was forever seeking attention from everyone and everything. Like any other young male, these two had a thing for the ladies, but Themba had a thing more for the older ladies even more.

Since they lived a few streets from the college they had to walk to and from the college every morning. Now the tricky part for Sterring was how to grab Themba’s attention during their walk because Themba always had his eye fixed on the opposite sex at all times. On one particular cool morning on their walk to school, as they had left earlier that morning, they came across a women who was seemingly in her mid-30’s jogging on the main road.

This didn’t seem to have any significance for Sterring but Themba was totally blown away by this female. She was just about Themba’s height, fairly light in complexion and towing very near the line of obesity, hence maybe why she had taken up jogging. As she was about to cross, Themba couldn’t help but stop and stare. He couldn’t see her weight problems, all he saw was a thick goddess with a nice set of breasts and a perfect big behind.

And to top it all off, she was wearing those tight gym clothes, which showed off all these features. What blew him away even more was that as she crossed she smiled and waved, and Themba could not believe this. Now, by no stretch of the imagination was this lady one of the prettiest women around, but she was enough to make any man lust filled.

For days and days after this encounter Themba could not think about anything but this lady. All he’s normal habits stopped, he didn’t talk to people that much. All he did was sit and think of all the perfect scenarios that pitted him with her, where he would get a chance to exercise all his lustful ambitions. As of that day the earlier time they had left on the morning they saw her became their new departing time every morning.

The trend of smiling and waving to each other became a daily morning routine. Themba no longer liked weekends as he once did because those are the two days he couldn’t see her at all on. As weeks went by, Themba’s urges towards her grew more and more every single day, until he decided today is the day.

He was ready to take the plunge into the deep end once and for all. When they left that morning, Sterring could notice that there was something different about his friend that morning, there was a spring in his step, and he had seen this before, so he knew today was the day.

As usual they set off on their trail to college, and as soon as the lady appeared Themba handed his bag over to Sterring, and told him he’d catch up soon. When the lady was close enough, smiled and waved as usual, Themba started running alongside her. He introduced himself to her, and she introduced herself back as Mrs Lizzy Khubeka in a very accommodating manner.

Themba was taken aback a bit, but he still had those lustful thoughts ringing in his head so he didn’t mind at all. Along the way they had a bit of a casual talk, and finally the lady showed great fatigue. Themba offered to carry her towel and her water bottle, and also offered to walk her home to ensure her safety for some reason or the other. But in his mind he thought this idea would be the best way to get to her house so he can “hit it and quit it”. Sure enough Lizzy agreed to this with great enthusiasm, and they set of to where she lived.

They walked until they came to a light blue two roomed house and Lizzy looked at Themba and said “Home sweet home”. At this moment the blood was uncontrollably racing through each and every one of Thembas veins, in his head he thought the big moment he was waiting for had finally arrived. Soon as she approached the door, she just pulled the bugler door, and Themba noticed that she didn’t have any keys on her and this could only mean there was someone inside the house.

This deeply crushed him inside as he did not know what to expect from the house. But what crushed him even more was that he wouldn’t be able to get his one on one time with Lizzy in a private environment. Well they opened the door and went inside. Once inside, Lizzy introduced Themba to her husband Amos, and explained about her fatigue to Amos, which lead to Themba’s help. Amos thanked Themba and asked if he would like to join them for breakfast as he had just finished making soft porridge.

Amos was one of those thoughtful husbands who helped his wife with all the duties around the household, and made sure he did everything to make his wife happy with the little that he had. Amos was also in the profession of ancient African black magic that only a few knew, even though most who knew it used it for havoc, Amos never used it to hurt anyone before.

Themba declined his offer telling him he was already late for school, and so he bid his farewell and walked out with a huge amount of disappointment. Lizzy offered to walk him to the gate, and as soon as they were out she asked him for his numbers and gave him a quick goodbye kiss on the lips.


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