My friends thoughts that we had kissed and they thought that I was dating her. Keisha’s friends, Nicole and Miranda showed up.

“There you are, we’ve been looking for you,” said Nicole.

Keisha smiled and looked at me. They also looked at me.

“Oh, you’re with him? Anyway we need you this side, you can hook up some other time, now we need you,” Miranda said.

Miranda was my neighbour. We always had that resentment between us. She always said bad things about me and I did the same out of spite. She was like my sister and her parents even asked me to look after her at school, and she hated that a lot.

I saw James and Luther and they flew towards me, fighting for my hand, they both wanted to shake it.

“Yho, guys please stop it, this is useless.”

They both looked at me, surprised.

“What do you mean, you’re the main man, our main “O”! So I don’t understand why you are stopping us when we try to shake your hand,” said Luther looking disappointed.

“No, man, I’m still nervous and excited at the very same time. Anyway, this night is not about me guys. Tell me Luther, did you meet her, the girl you were crying about the whole week? And James, there’s no excuse for you because Miranda is here, right?”

No one answered and I took advantage of that.

“Come on guys. We are left with one hour to get our dance partners.”

“Oh hold on a minute,” said Luther. “Didn’t we see you with your dancing partner?”

“Oh no, Peter, Peter Peter! You haven’t ask her to be your partner?” asked James with disappointment on his face.

I’d messed up. I’d just put myself back on the spot light again and now I had to explain to these two rascals.

“No guys, we were still talking about that, but her and her friends showed up and took her away from me.”

Something wasn’t clear for Luther, and he was still not convinced by what I was telling them. He looked at me.

“But you did kiss her, right, right? You did kiss her?”

James’s face turned from being convinced to concerned. He gave me that look that says ‘I can see right through your lie’. I sighed and I just gave them what they wanted.

“OK, OK. We didn’t kiss, she was whispering something to me.”

“Oh God. No. So you’re telling us that Keisha can dance with anyone here?” asked Luther.

“No, no. Guys Keisha is dancing with me, and I will ask her when the time is right. At least she’s here, and I did speak to her. What about you Luther, do you know who you’re going to dance with?” I asked smiling. “James, does Miranda know that you want to dance with her? I’ve never seen you next to her, not even once. Guys, let us not argue about this, let’s find these girls and tell them what we want to tell them.”

They made me feel and look bad for something that they did not even have the courage to do. Now that I’d said this to them, my temper and my spirit was a little bit too high. I was even prepared to confess to Keisha if I saw her right now.


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