Keisha laughed. “Did you drink the punch too, because you look and sound drunk right now?”

She knew I don’t drink, in our classroom ‘get togethers’ we were the only ones who always came out sober and clean. But today I don’t know what was going on with me. Maybe it was the fact that I wanted to express my feelings to her, or maybe it was her eyes that attracted mine in an adorable way.

When she blinked, damn. You must see the flutter of her long dark lashes.

I held her hand in my shaky hands while she looked attentively at me.

She laughed again. “Wow, your hands are shaking, are you alright? You acted weird earlier on, then you mumbled things I didn’t hear. Now you’re shaking and sweating.” She put her hand on my forehead to feel my temperature. “Your temperature is too high.”

She pulled me by hand, leading me to the small bar that was standing in the corner next to the DJ.

“Come, let’s get you some water because you’re not OK. Are you feeling dizzy? Can you see? Do you feel like you’re about to blackout?”

She squeezed my face between her hands and looked me straight in my eyes, while she was throwing me these questions. My friends, Luther and James, saw each and every action we were doing there, so they sauntered towards us, coming behind Keisha.

Keisha’s hands were on my face with her face close to mine. From where they were standing it may have looked like we were kissing. As they came closer, she went to the bartender to ask for the water.

“Did we see what we think we saw?” asked James with eyes wide open.

“What are you guys talking about?” I pretended like I had no idea what he was talking about.

They instantly assumed that I kissed her.

“Wow, man, did you finally express your feelings for her? My man,” said Luther trying to do the hand shake with me.

“What? No, guys you got it all wrong.”

Keisha came back before I could explain what happened.

“Sorry guys, I need him for a sec.” She pulled me away from them.

“Peter!” Luther exclaimed.

“You go Peter!” James cheered too.

“I’m going to be alright guys, don’t worry,” I said trying to avoid the cheering they were doing.

“They didn’t sound like they were sympathising with you, it sounded like they were cheering you on. I wonder why.” She looked me with those eyes, and I felt my body starting to sweat again. I stuttered, saying things I didn’t even hear myself saying it.

She laughed. “You will tell me one day why they did what they did.”


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