Mpho was a soft hearted girl. Her name was well chosen to suit her personality. She was neither tall nor short. Mpho was always smiling when meeting people, as that is described as a sign of love by many writers.

Most people of that kind hardly find right partners. I wished her so much good things more than I ever wished for myself. The way she smiled. I wished I could steal it and paste on my bed’s headboard. It would make me feel at ease even if I had a very frustrating day. Those soccer stars that were all over my room’s walls would be neglected.

God must have had less or no distractions when making her. He gave all his concentration. I guess when he was busy with some people he was also trying to get rid of a frightening thought and made few errors.

Mpho was not close to me. Neither a friend nor someone I hung with sometimes. She was just a girl I knew, actually a girl I adored. We were not even neighbours but deep down inside my heart I wished I could be the closest person to her.

Mpho had two friends whom she visited only when they phoned her to come by; Lisa and Zinzi.

They were all the same age; seventeen years, doing Grade 11 at the same school but in separate classes. The only subject they attended together was Maths which was taught by Mr Glen.

Lisa was dark, talkative and attractive. She was raised by a single parent. Lisa had never seen her father since she was born. She liked dating guys from rich families.

Zinzi had both parents they and were both working. She was a slender and always had something to eat in her school bag. Many girls wished to be her friend because she always had money. She loved having fun so much. A weekend never passed by without her being drunk. People were even betting that Zinzi will get drunk on the following weekend. Guess what she will be!

Both Lisa and Zinzi’s weekend meant freedom. Unlike Mpho who kept herself busy with school work. Mpho never liked the idea of going out during weekends.

They tried to manipulate her many times but she remained loyal to herself. She had the same boring answer according to them; which is No!


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