My name is Rose. I love my name because everyone loves scented flowers, they makes you smile. I have short frizzy hair and dark chocolate skin. Everyone seems to love my body. Teekay, my boyfriend simply adores it.

Teekay and I were so in love. When we met the first time, I can honestly say it was love at first sight. We met at an after party of a rugby match that’s been won, I found myself there thanks to Molly who invited me.

Molly dated Taurai, one of the five in the gang. Teekay was one of the members of the gang. Teekay had his eyes on me all night, I wasn’t complaining, I had my eye on him too. And then to my delight, he asked me to dance with him and I did not refuse. He danced with me with passion, and that’s how our love begun.

Then there was Mary. She dated MacDonald in the group. I couldn’t stand her, nor did I trust her. She was far too pessimistic for my liking. She only spoke rubbish about my relationship with Teekay. Molly trusted her, I could not see why. She was a snob; snobs always think the worst of others.

Then there was Britney and Jane, both dated rich guys in the group, Alistar and Ian who were only as rich as their parents bank would allow them to be. Britney and Jane were also rich. Molly, Mary and I could not socialise with those girls, they were much too proud and high and mighty for us.

Molly and I both attended night school. She studied hotel management and I was studying Fashion and Design. I worked during the day as a waitress at Fristo Restaurant.

I was busy serving an old couple, when I looked up and there was Mary – I attended to her.

“Hi, how are you doing Rosie?” she asked with a huge smile.

“No complains, thanks Mary. What can I get for you?” I answered returning the smile.

I could judge by her face she had something to tell me. She loved meddling.

“How is Teekay doing?” she asked and looked straight in my eyes.

“He is OK Mary.” I said annoyed.

“Just OK? Eish that boy,” she said, testing my patience.

“Are you here to order? If so, what can I get you?” I asked restraining my patience. But unfortunately it was too late.

“Teekay is cheating you.” She said, pleased with a smile.

I felt a deep sense of disappointment arise within me. I was crushed at what she had just said. But I was angry too. Does it satisfy her to see my temper rise? I began questioning whether what she said was true. Maybe she was just jealous. Why in the world would he want to hurt me by cheating? No, can’t be. Not my Teekay. I thought to myself.

“Don’t be a fool Rose. His playing you,” she said interrupting my thoughts and then walked out.

After my shift I met Molly and we walked together to our classes. I was quiet while she kept talking. My mind was far from our usual conversations. I could not stop thinking about what Mary had said earlier.

“Rose? What’s wrong? You’re looking down.” Molly asked concerned.

“Mary told me Teekay is cheating on me,” I answered with a broken voice.

What Molly said next made my heart break.

“Oh honey, it’s true. He is a cheat. But don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of this,” she said.

I could not believe that even Molly thought so. What hurt me even further is the fact that I loved Teekay, how could he betray me like that?

“What am I going to do Molly?” I said hopelessly.

“We will investigate, he won’t get away with this,” she answered comforting me.


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