Saturday morning arrives and the garden looks so beautiful. I’m not interested in any of it, I just want to get done with this. The ceremony starts, their friends share few nice words about them. I cannot believe they have fooled the world that they are good people. I just see lips moving but I don’t want to hear nonsense.

Then Aunt Grace and Uncle Steve are exchanging vows, now this I have to hear.

“I never thought I would see us this happy again. At some point I believed I lost my best friend, my heart, my soldier, my love. No man has ever made me feel the way you make me feel. You are the kind of man who will go out of his way just to make sure I have a smile on my face that I am not in need of anything. You are my all, I love you Steve.”

Then Uncle Steve takes his turn.

“You are an incredible woman. You are so full of love and are very caring. You love and you love hard. You make me happy. You complete me and I am lost without you. You are the kind of woman I have prayed for, me and you are unbreakable. You are my forever, my last, I love you fancy face.”

Lord! People can lie, I think to myself.

“Mr. and Mrs. Mooketsi?” says a man walking with another man and a police officer.

“You are under arrested for the murder of Mr. Shawn Mohale and his wife Mrs. Angela Mohale.”

Everyone has their hands on their mouths. Some are whispering and others clapping their hands. Everyone is in totally disbelief but not me. I sit there with my arms folded and legs crossed, watching Aunt Grace looking at me terrified. I go to her.

“Remember what Granny used to say, ‘What’s done in the dark always comes into the light?’ You should have known that this day would come. You killed my parents and still had the guts to mistreat me, turn me into your toy and your husband’s sex slave. Detective, you must also add sexual assault there. I saw everything. I read every little detail of your plan. How you orchestrated my dad’s accident and how you hired people to rape and kill my mom. Your own sister.”

Everybody gasps and there’s murmuring.

“You did all that just to take their business and money. Well, you’re both going to pay for every little ounce of pain you have caused me, and you have caused me a lot. I lost myself because of you two. Now I have to start over. I have to go and find myself, but you know what, I forgive you both. I just want you to do your time, pay for your sins. I will not hold any grudges or wish bad things for you. This, this is the beginning of my happiness.”

The officers put the cuffs on both them and led them away to the police cars.


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