When they got to the house the boys were talking in a corner.

“What are going to do with her?” Sive said looking in Lisa’s direction.

“She’s not a monster,” Nyjah interjected.

“Why did you bring her here?”

“Thando your uncle owns…” he hesitated to say it.

“You are not seriously suggesting what I think,” Thando responded with shock and disgust.

“We cannot let her die man and cannot let her kill either. This won’t hurt anyone,” Nyjah said pleadingly.

“What is going on guys?” asked Lisa.

“Relax, Nugget it’s nothing.”

What Nyjah was suggesting was that they get some flesh for Lisa from the morgue Thando’s uncle owned, in order to keep her sustained without her having to kill anyone. They ran to the morgue and did as planned without being seen. Lisa was okay for the time being.

“Nyjah, before your phone rang, and you ran to your little missy, you said you had an idea of what tat’uKhulile meant,” Asandile reminded him.

“He said ‘The answers lay on the lips of the one who seeks them’. I think he meant I knew what was happening.”

“Then tell!” they all said like a choir.

“King Fuzile was killed with an olive branch and it was buried far from civilisation. Where Robert Sobukwe High is, it’s far from our village. I think that is where it was buried. I also believe that it is the same stick that pricked Sam during our fight and the blood on that stick awakened the curse and I think he has to die the same way to lift the curse once more.”

“How can you be sure?” Sive asks.

“I can’t be sure, that’s why I said we should go to king Phikelela, but it cannot be coinci-dental that this all happened after that.”

“Even if that’s true, I don’t think we will ever find him alone after what happened earlier to-day,” Thando said.

“You don’t have to find him alone. I’ll fight with you,” Lisa interrupted.

The gents all laughed looking at her tiny stature. Lisa got annoyed and grabbed the closest person to her, who happened to be Thando, by the throat and lifted him up with one hand and asked.

“Is it still funny?”

“Look Lisa, I cannot endanger you by putting you out there like that,” Nyjah said, grabbing her arm.

“It’s not your decision to make.”

They argued about it for a while until Asandile jumped in.

“Boy, if she wants to fight she is strong enough. Let her.”

Nyjah looked at Lisa as if no one else was in the room.

“I can’t let her do that. I already lost my Mdala. I can’t lose her too. I’m not ready to be without all the people I love. After all this is over, I need someone to keep me sane.”

They agreed that Lisa would stay behind. They would gather as much help as they could to end all of it.

Thando showed Lisa a room where she could sleep. It belonged to his cousin, Liya.

“Look you’re about the same size as Liya. You can sleep in her PJs, just check her wardrobe,” Thando said and left the room.

As she was dressing, Nyjah walked in.

“Hey! Don’t you knock, perv?” she screamed “I’m sorry I didn‘t realise…”

“I’m sure you are,” she replied sarcastically.

“I came to talk you.”

He pulled her closer. Her heart jumped. She could feel her hair stand up. All she said was, “Uh!”

“Don’t be so nervous,” he laughed.

“Lisa, you mean a lot to me. I don’t want you in that fight. I’m doing this for you, to keep you safe and to lift this curse so we can be together in peace,” he said, looking lovingly in her eyes. He then leaned in for a kiss. They kissed passionately and made love.


Tell us: Do you think Lisa should have fought in this battle?