The boys arrived at the royal house with Nyjah right behind them. They sat down, as they assumed everyone was now aware of their abilities. The whole village was in a frenzy of pan-ic and even some excitement for those who did know the downside of their abilities. They met with the king, whose title in the modern age did not hold much weight, but was respect-ed as matters of the village were discussed there. He told them the whole history again, the boys respectively interjected.

“Your highness, we know the story. All we need now is for you to point us in the direction of the family of the diviner who found a way to lift the curse,” said Nyjah.

“If it is that family you seek, then do not leave. The whole village will be here to discuss how to best hide our abilities from the outsiders, as the police department said they will sending more policemen to keep us safe,” the king replied.

They waited and waited. Finally in the afternoon the entire village was there and it was agreed upon that no one should run at the superhuman speed unless they absolutely had to. After the town meeting, the king arranged for a meeting with the boys and Qonda, who was a member of the family of diviners. He then took them to his father who was a diviner.

When they arrived at the house of Qonda’s father, Khulile, they burnt impepho (incense) and spoke to the ancestors. He then raised his head and said:

“The answers lie on the lips of the one who seeks them.”

The boys left the house confused. But as they were walking Nyjah remembered the way the weapon was used to kill King Fuzile

“I think I know what Tat’uKhulile meant.”

“Come out with it!” they all screamed simultaneously.

“Let’s go back to the royal house. I have additional questions for the king,” replied Nyjah

They got back to the royal house, but before they could say anything Nyjah’s phone went off. It was Lisa calling.

“It’s happening,” she said in agony.

“I’m coming relax.”

He ran at the speed of light to Dukezweni. When he got there he found Lisa.

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” she asked in a weak voice.

She was pale like she hadn’t eaten in ages.

“I have an idea. Come with me please,” he said pleadingly

“Aren’t you scared of me?”

“Who could get scared of such a pretty face?”

“This no time to be cute, Nyjah.”

“Not even a pet name for me, Nugget?”

“Your name is a pet name. Who names their child Nyjah? What does it even mean?”

“It is of Egypt origin. It means Keeper of Peace.”

As their conversation continued they heard a sinister voice:

“Look who decided to come join his grandfather.”

It was Sam.

“I need you to do me a favour. I will distract him. Take my phone and tell the guys to get here quickly and share the location.”

Lisa did as told. Nyjah ran circles around Sam, who could not keep with up his speed. Once Nyjah’s friends got there, they carried Lisa and they all ran back to their village, to Thando’s uncle’s house.


Tell us: Even though Lisa loves Nyjah, do you think she will succumb to the curse and kill someone?