The group of men came and fought. The boys were overwhelmed by strength and numbers. They ran. But Mdala was left behind. Nyjah looked back and he could see them feeding on him like hounds. He tried to run and save him, but Asandile held him and said.

“If you go back there you will die too. We have to fight on to save our people and for you to get back your girl.”

They continued running, but Nyjah glanced back one more time and saw one of the men take off his mask. It was Sam.

“Stop! That was Sam he must now realise his abilities,” exclaimed Nyjah.

“More reason why you should keep your head straight. Sam has done what he has done. Who do you think he’ll go for next?” replied Asandile.

“Lisa,” said Nyjah.

“No stupid, he wants Lisa to himself. He wants you out of the way,” said Asandile.

“What do we do?” asked Nyjah.

“We could go up the river to my uncle’s house in Cape Town. They won’t find us there,” said Thando.

“We are not hiding. We are going to devise a plan,” said Nyjah and they went to the house.

As they watched TV a newswoman began to speak:

“The bizarre case of cannibalism continues in Mbenenga. Many bodies have recently been found and forensic reports confirm that it was indeed human teeth which left the bite marks. One of the bodies that was found is that of a retired history and african studies profes-sor, Zwelandile Tyesi. His grandson ,Nyjah, and his group of friends have been reported miss-ing and local authorities assume they fled to safety.

“We can’t just stay here, we have to do something,” said Nyjah as he switched off the TV. His eyes were crimson.

“What can we do?” asked Sive.

“I have an idea,” said Thando.

“Come out with it already!” Asandile yelled anxiously.

Thando continued. “Do you remember how it ended years ago? The son of the diviner who discovered how to give our people these abilities discovered how to lift the curse. Maybe it’s in their blood. We have to find that family.”

“Did Mdala mention to you which family he was from?” asked Sive.

“No and I never bothered to ask because I thought it was a fable, but I think the royal family might know the prince who killed King Fuzile,” replied Nyjah.

“We still have that? Royalty?” asked Thando.

“Yes stupid, the Phikelela family is royalty,” Sive said.

“Then let’s go there. I’m sure by now they know what is happening,” replied Asandile.

“Go ahead. I’ll catch up,” said Nyjah as he stayed behind to call Lisa.

When he checked his phone he had a dozen missed calls from her.

“Hey, I heard about your granddad, I’m sorry and I was worried about you. Why didn’t you pick up?” said Lisa.

“It was Sam,” uttered Nyjah.

“What do you mean?”

“He killed Mdala,” he replied.

“What are you going to do?” asked Lisa.

“My main objective now is to end this. If Samkelo dies in the process that’s just a bonus.”

“That’s not you Nyjah,” she replied.

“I called to check on you,” he said to change the topic.

“I’m okay,” she responded somberly.

“Has the hunger kicked in?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it.”

“If you feel it call me.” They then said their goodbyes.

“Hey, Nugget? I love you.”

“I love you too Nyjah. Be safe,” she said, sobbing.


Tell us: Do you think that Nyjah will kill Sam when it came down to actually doing it?