The angels from the kingdom of God began praying and asking God for power, strength, and guidance for the war ahead. As they were busy praying, the word of God spoke to them.

“Those who believe in my name shall not perish, but they will be blessed with internal life,” the word said. “Those who believe in my name will be lucky to come and witness all my revelations happen.”

At that moment, God revealed how the world would end, and what will happen after the end of the world.

“After the Armageddon, the world will come to an end,” God said. “After this war, the earth will be set to flames and all evil will be destroyed. The Armageddon will take days to end, because no kingdom will be backing down from the war. This war will cost people’s lives, but it is all for the best, because when people die from the world, they will go to the kingdom of God, where they will have to confess their sins and be forgiven by the Lord. After people have confessed their sins, they will be baptized and start life afresh without any evil disturbing them.

“I created people and blessed them with the gift of love,” God continued. “I gave people three lives: the first life in the world, the second life in the kingdom of God, and the third life in heaven, where they will be with me, their Lord.

“After the end of world, life on earth will end and life in the kingdom of God will begin, and after life in the kingdom of God, life in heaven will begin, and that is the last life that never ends. What I am saying here and now has been scripted long time ago, before I created life. I scripted everything that was going to happen in the book of life. The book of life is a book that has everything that has been happening on earth, things that people did, how they did them, and when they did them.”

At that point, God chose Fate, his descendent, to lead the warriors on the day of the Armageddon. Destiny was also chosen by Satan to lead the warriors to war. Both kingdoms were ready and waiting for the Armageddon, wondering how the war was going to happen and which kingdom would win the war.

On the seventh day, the moon and the sun rose at the same time, forming an eclipse. It was a sign showing both kingdoms that it was time for the Armageddon. In the kingdom of God, Fate spoke to his warriors.

“It is time for us to go and fight for our Lord the creator of life,” Fate said. “We are going to proclaim love and peace onto our people.”

Destiny also spoke to her warriors. “We are the powerful descendants of Satan, the destroyer of life, peace, and love,” she said. “Let us go and win, so that we can make Satan happy.”


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