What Faith and Moses did was not wrong, but their time for doing it was wrong. God then revealed why he had created life in the first place.

“When I created life on earth, I also created rules to go along with it,” He said. “I created men to be the seeds and protectors of life, but after my creation of men, I saw that life on earth was not going to move forward, so I created women as the satisfaction of men, and I gave them the gift of carrying life. A man has the seed of life, but without a woman, that seed forever remains a seed. But with a woman, that seed finds a warm home where it will grow with love and care.

“Women are the satisfaction of men because they have the stream of life,” God continued. “The stream of life is a stream that provides cooled and tasty water that must be enjoyed by the owner of the stream alone.

“A man will marry a woman, and in that marriage, the man will protect and the woman will satisfy the man with water from the stream of life, and both of them will produce life, God went on. “But if neither of them follow my rules, then life will no longer continue as I have planned it. If a woman allows other men besides her husband to drink from the stream of life, then as time goes on, the stream will provide dirty water and it will get dry, leaving the man to suffer from thirst and look for another stream to cool himself in.

“If a man does not drink from his own stream and drinks from the stream of other men, then his seed will be spread all over, leaving his dignity and respect undermined,” God went on.

That was the mystery of life, but even today, people do not understand or follow it. Two angels were then chosen again to go into the world and deliver a message to the people about the Armageddon, and they did.

As the two new angels arrived on earth, telling the people what God said, the messenger of Satan was amongst the people. As soon as they left, the messenger of Satan went to the kingdom of Satan and told them about what has occurred. Destiny, the descendent of Satan, told the mirror of hell to show her what was happening in the kingdom of God, and after seeing what was happening in the kingdom of God, she poke.

“They think our kingdom is weak, but we will show them who we are,” Destiny said.

Destiny chose warriors from her kingdom and told them to prepare for the Armageddon. She then told them they needed to sacrifice two people each, so that she could fortify the warriors with their blood, and that was how they would prepare for the Armageddon. She took days preparing the warriors, and she said victory will be theirs, because there was no way they would be able to defeat them.

In the kingdom of God, Fate also chose warriors for the war and told them to pray and call upon the Lord for the Armageddon. He then told them to ask the Lord for strength, power, and protection during the war. The word of God then told Fate how and when the war would start, and Fate told the warriors what God had said.

“The Armageddon will start on the seventh day of this week, and on that day, the moon will rise at daylight and all hell will break lose,” Fate said. “The war will start at the centre of the ocean, which is the barrier between the two kingdoms.”


Tell us: How do you think the war is going to end?