Johanna, the angel of God, arrived back at the kingdom of God. “I have delivered the message to the people, and they are happy and waiting for the day of reconciliation and redemption.”

Fate, the messenger of God, had a revelation and immediately told the angels that were still gathered. “The Lord sees a problem rising back at earth,” he said. “People from the kingdom of Satan are planning to prevent us from restoring peace, redemption, and reconciliation into the world.”

God then sent his word to Fate. “Two angels must be chosen to go back to the world and reveal a war that will show my people how powerful I am. It will be a war between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. This war will be known as the Armageddon, which means fight between evil and good. After this war, all evil in the world will be destroyed, and peace will be restored onto my people.”

After speaking, God showed Fate whom to choose for the journey. He chose a male called Moses and a female called Faith.

“God wants you to go into the world and tell his people all about the Armageddon,” Fate said to the two angels. “There are many obstacles awaiting both of you, but try by all means to ignore and avoid them. These obstacles will prevent you from passing my message to my people, but ignore them.

“Both of you will travel a long journey, and along the way, Moses will get thirsty,” Fate continued. “If he touches you, then you will also get thirsty, and that will lead Moses to drink water from the forbidden stream of life. If Moses drinks water from the stream of life, then the trip to earth will no longer be a success, because Moses will take a long time drinking the water, and if he stops, the thirst will come back. Both of you must avoid any temptation, so do not be tempted by water from a stream while a whole ocean of water awaits you.”

Moses and Faith left the kingdom of God and went to earth. They walked for days, and on the seventh day, they decided to rest for a bit. They both fell asleep, and after few hours, Moses woke up and sat down. An evil spirit of Satan then walked post him, and he started looking at Faith with envy. Then, after hours of looking at Faith, he got closer to her and started touching her. As he was busy touching her, she woke up.

“What are doing?” Faith asked.

“I’m doing what I have been craving to do all this while, and now that we are alone, I can finally do it,” the evil spirit responded.

“No, I can’t do that, I will be disappointing my Lord,” Faith said, but Moses, who was the evil spirit, convinced Faith until she agreed and they got intimate.

Back at the kingdom of God, word was send to Fate, telling him about what had occurred and what to do. “Our creator is disappointed in what Moses and Faith did,” Fate said.

“Why can’t my people listen to me when I talk to them or tell them what to do?” God asked. “People need to know that in my kingdom, the disobeying of rules is a sin and shame onto me.”


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