Thousands of years ago, life got created on earth, and it began from there. Life was normal and good, exactly as God wanted, until Satan intruded and messed everything up. Evil entered the world, and God’s creation of life was ruined. Satan’s evil spirit entered into innocent souls, turning them evil. Evil then took over, and people started fighting, killing each other, stealing, and raping. They no longer had respect for the word of God.

People started dying brutally. Life was no longer peaceful, because people were scared for their lives, and they were always wondering if they were next in line to be brutally killed. God in heaven became angry, so he told his messenger to summon all the angels in the kingdom of God and He revealed something to them.

Fate, the messenger of God, went to the kingdom of God and summoned all the angels. “God said there is trouble on earth and we need to intervene in the matter,” he said. “He wants earth to return to its right state.”

The word of God told Fate to choose an angel to go into the world and deliver a message. Fate then chose an angel to go and deliver the message to the people on earth, because they were hopeless and He was tired of the evil that was happening in the world. The word of God told Fate to reveal the message to the angel.

“God said go to my people and tell them that, time for redemption and reconciliation is near,” Fate said to the angel.

God said:

“Great salvation will befall the world, and all my people will be saved. What I need from my people is for them to call upon me all the time, in sad times and good times. I need them to remember their roots, and they must remember that, “I am the one and only God almighty, the creator of heaven, earth, and life. Only I can give life and take life. Tell them to pray and pray hard, for I am on my way to come and save them from evil that has befallen them”.

The messenger began her journey from the kingdom of God to earth, going to deliver the message of the Lord to his people. It took her weeks to get to earth. On the third week, she arrived on earth and delivered the message of God to this people. She told them what God had said, and they were all happy to receive a message from their Lord. The people then started celebrating and they were thankful for receiving a great message from their creator.

After the messenger had delivered the message, she left, going back to the kingdom of God. As she was on her way back to the kingdom of God, a man from the kingdom of Satan saw her and stopped her.

“Why is a beautiful maiden like you walking alone in this dangerous area, someone can hurt you,” he said.

“I am not just an ordinary maiden. I am an angel from the kingdom of God, and I have the power to protect myself from any harm,” the messenger responded, and then she left.

The man then ran back to the kingdom of Satan and told them about the strange maiden he had met. He then told them exactly what she had said to him.

Destiny, who was the messenger of Satan, stood up from the throne. “What, how can this be?” she asked, and as angry as she was, she spoke again. “Bring my mirror to me so that I can see what she came here to do.”

They then gave her the mirror.

“Great mirror of Satan, the destroyer of life and happiness,” Destiny said, “show me what that maiden from the kingdom of God came here to do.”

The mirror rewound and showed Destiny exactly what happened. She then became very angry and furious. “We cannot allow God to come into this world and save the people,” Destiny said. “Because if we do, then we will be doomed for forever. We must stop them, by all means.”


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