During one of my several sexual escapades with my boss, she threatened me. She issued me a stern warning that if I ever cheated on her with another woman, younger than her, she would behead me using a butcher’s knife. I took her words as a mere joke but little did I know what lay ahead of me!

Regina paid me a surprise visit in the ghetto in the house she built for me. She was accompanied by a convoy of cars that you would have mistaken her for a Prime Minister or the First Lady, or something. Ghetto dwellers all gathered around my house, witnessing all this, like they had nothing better to do. Some kids were tempted to touch the boss lady’s car but were hurled away by her vicious, ugly-looking gigantic bodyguards.

I was tense inside the house, witnessing all this through the window.

I didn’t have time to hide my side chick hooker I had raided at the brothel the previous night. And worst of all, the boss lady saw her completely nude as she was coming from the bathroom. Madam Regina couldn’t handle it. She took off in a fit of rage like a wounded buffalo. She got inside her car and the convoy of vehicles disappeared, leaving a trail of dust behind them.

The slum dwellers were shocked to see this, some even got a chance to peep and see for themselves. I was left dumbstruck and motionless for about four hours straight. After regaining and recollecting what happened, I began to fear for my life.


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