“Yes, Gogo, I have been attending my classes regularly and no, I have not fallen prey to any promiscuous people,” I say into the phone.

“I’m proud of you my child. I know that you won’t disappoint me.” Speaking to Gogo always reminds me of my reasons for coming to South Africa.

“Have you found a church that you can commit to going every Sunday?”

I could lie and say yes, but I hate lying to Gogo.

“No Gogo, none of my friends go to church so I haven’t found anyone who can recommend a good church for me to go to.”

Lerato never mentions anything about her religion. If Aisha isn’t on campus or doing her organization’s work then she definitely at the nearest mosque.

“I will continue praying for you as I always do. When was the last time you spoke with your aunt Tinashe?”

“It has been a while, but I will speak to her in the afternoon. I have to go to campus, Gogo.”

“Okay my child, thank you for calling. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I hang up the call and slide the phone in my back pocket.

“Talking to a love interest?” a voice behind me asks. I turn my neck in a rush.

“Aisha, it’s you. How are you?”

“I’m good. We’re you talking to your boyfriend?”

I let a small laugh before replying, “Boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend. I have never had a boyfriend.”

I haven’t spoken to Tino in weeks. I never thought that would be possible because I was crazy in love with him. He hasn’t made the effort to call me, so I won’t disturb his peace.

“Don’t you like boys?”

I didn’t expect to hear this question from Aisha. I search her eyes for some indication of humour, but there is none. She is sure of her question and she awaits a reply from me.

“I have had a couple of crushes, but it never went past that stage.”

She moves closer towards me, ensuring that there isn’t the slightest of a distance between us.

“What about you?” I ask.

“What about me?” she raises her eyebrows.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

I decide to take advantage of the questioning session and ask something that I have been longing to ask her from the first time I laid eyes on her.

“Uhm, well…”

“Hello, you two,” Lerato and Rea say in unison as they enter into the room.

Aisha moves a step further away from me and I catch my breath.

“What’s the big occasion? I am surprised to see you here Aisha, aren’t you too busy with your organization to make time to come here?”

Rea’s attitude towards Aisha nauseates me. She doesn’t even live here.

“I am here for work related to the organization. I came to brief Rufaro on the new developments of the demonstration we are having next week,” Aisha opens her side backpack and hands me a stack of papers, “I need you to read these documents and meet me in my flat tomorrow so we can talk about them.”

I gladly take the documents from her, “thank you, I will do that.”

“Last night you told me that you have an upcoming test tomorrow. Are you going to spend the whole night reading those documents instead of preparing for your test?” Lerato intercedes.

“I’m well prepared for the test. Going over the material today will raise my anxiety.”

“Thank you, Rufaro, you’re the best! I will see you tomorrow. Goodbye, everyone!”

Aisha rushes out of the room before any of us can say goodbye to her. She is always in a hurry.

“You said that you’d help me with the section on internal combustion engines,” Rea reminds me.

“Oh, my word, yes of course. I can help you for an hour and then I will work on the documents.”


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