Droplets of water drip down from my hair as I step out from the shower into my bedroom. There are different outfits spread out on my bed. I haven’t figured out what I am going to wear. Blue jeans and a red sleeveless top, white shorts, and a pink crop top or a red dress that slightly reaches below my knees.

I don’t usually worry about clothes, I just opt for whatever my eyes land on first, pyjamas excluding of course. But, today isn’t like any normal day. Today, I am meeting Aisha at the library to discuss my role in the organization. I didn’t think it necessary to browse over her Instagram page for pictures. As soon as I arrived home, I immediately sent her a DM letting her know of my interest in volunteering for her organization.

“What time is your appointment?” Lerato enquires, she is sitting on her bed jotting something in her notebook.

“It’s at 15:00,” I reply, not looking at her. My mind is a scramble. I need to do my hair and I haven’t chosen an outfit yet.

“I doubt that you will make it on time, it’s already 14:30,” Lerato stands up from the chair and walks up to stand next to me, staring at the clothes on my bed, “those shorts and that crop top are out of the question. Aisha is a Muslim in every sense of the word and if you want to impress her then I don’t think you should wear something revealing so much of skin.”

“What should I wear then?” my arms are crossed, a sign of defeat.

“That pair of blue jeans doesn’t look so bad,” she picks the jeans from the bed and examines, “if you weren’t a devout Christian, I would have thought that you are interested in Aisha.”

“Why do you mean?” I stutter.

“I only get so stressed out over my outfit when I am going out with someone I like.”

“Uhm, I just want to make a good impression,” I blurt out in my defence.

“If that’s what you say,” she walks back to her chair and leaves me standing there.

Aisha and I are not going on a date, I mean who has a date in the library?

My first impression of Aisha was that she is very cautious of her dress code and I am only trying to keep up with her. I don’t want to be a fish out of water.

“Where is the hairdryer?” I ask Lerato as I scramble in the drawer, placing all the items on the floor.

“You told me that you don’t use heat on your afro?”

“I don’t have enough time to let my hair air dry. As you said, I have less than 20 minutes left to make it to my appointment,” I am pacing to and fro from the bathroom to the bedroom.

“Your date you mean?” Lerato giggles, she pulls out a huge box from under the bed, takes out the hairdryer, and hands it to me.


“I was excited when I saw your DM. I am sure that you will make a positive impact on the organization.”

Aisha and are sitting on the far end of the library, it’s just the two of us at the big table.

“I have an interest in climate change and your organization represents everything that I believe in,” I lie shamelessly.

I have never at any stage in my life been interested in the environment. I always believed that there were bigger problems to worry about and the environment never made it anywhere on that list.

“I’m glad to hear that. If only people cared more about what they do about the economy, many of the problems we face would be long forgotten,” she speaks with intense passion.

“What role would you like me to play in the organization?”

“Our treasurer resigned last week because she was having difficulties balancing the work of the organization and her academics. I would love it if you filled her role.”

“I have never been a treasurer of anything before. How do you know that I will do what is required of me?”

What I wanted to ask her was how could she trust a stranger she met two days ago with the finances of her organization, which was dear to her.

“I asked Lerato to tell me about you and she only had good things to say. Lerato is not the type to trust a person quickly, that’s why I believe that you are the best person for the job.”

I nod. I don’t know how to feel. Lerato didn’t tell me about that.

Aisha briefs me further about the organization and tells me the names of all the people who volunteer. The strange thing about this is that Rea and Lerato don’t volunteer at her organization. This makes me feel special and considered.

“Since we are done here, how about we go and get some chilly burgers?”

My eyes widen. The last time I ate that chilly burger, I had to drink gallons of water afterward. I don’t want to tell Aisha this, because I don’t want to disappoint her. The more we have in common, the closer we will be.

“I was about to suggest the same thing,” I force a smile.

“By the way, those blue jeans look flattering on you,” she is carefully placing her notebooks into her black side bag.



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