“It had been two months since I heard about the pregnant woman and her twins. So I went to one of Lula’s shows in Carnival City, they said it was supposed to be his last show for a while, but they didn’t say why.”

There were rumours going around that he was going to shoot a documentary outside the country. Some said he was going on a tour and some said he was off to collaborate with the rest of the African artists he hadn’t done projects with.

But it was all hype and speculation and no one knew where Lula was going to disappear to. But Stan knew the best way to find out the truth was to hear it from the horse’s mouth. She decided to go to his last show and funny enough, he showed up five minutes before he had to get on stage, which was unlike him. He performed ever so beautifully, not only was Stan’s soul moved, but it was touched.

Stan had back stage passes so she went to see him after he finished his last set. The first thing she noticed was the huge wedding ring on his finger. Was he married now? He said he was a newlywed and therefore couldn’t be seen talking to groupies.

“It hit me that if he is a newlywed, then he must be going on a honeymoon with his baby mama.” Stan’s voice was starting to break, her anger rising again.

By this time both Stan’s and Aisha’s cigarettes were ash in their hands.

“I called up his friend, the one who told me about Lula not being on lean and the friend told me a lot about the happy couple. I even learned where they were going for their honeymoon.

The friend also offered to sell Stan his boat ticket so she could go in his place.

“So we met up and he gave me the ticket and I went straight for the harbour. I wanted to beat Lula to the boat so I could hide.”

Stan hid under the deck and as soon as the boat was half way across the ocean, she appeared from behind the happy couple with a pistol in her hand. She tried to shoot that pregnant wench, but Lula got in the way and got shot in the chest. He fell in the ice cold water of the ocean.

They tried their best to look for him but had no luck. After Stan accidentally shot Lula, she was over powered by the crew on the boat and restrained. They turned the boat around and Stan spent six months in lockup awaiting trial.

“And for what? For losing the love of my life? And having a constant reminder that somewhere out there are his genes, given birth to by some home wrecker.”

The doctor looked stunned as she watched Stan grab her purse.

“I had a fun time doc, promise me we will do it sometime soon,” Stan said walking to the door. She laughed and closed the door behind her, leaving the doctor in awe.


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