“I do not blame you for what you did. I would have probably done the same thing if I was in your shoes, but I think you went too far my brother.” Andile says.

“I know I went too far, but I do not regret what I did. If I had to regret what I did, I would have probably been in a mental institution.” I say.

“What happened the following day?” he asked.

“Everyone was in shock of the number of deaths that occurred that night. I went back to the bushes and went to go get some money and went to one of Vusi’s friends in Langa. I told him what happened, and he too could not believe it. Starring then called me.

“When I get you, I am going to slaughter and hold a feast with your flesh.” he said.

“Well Starring, until then let’s play the cat and mouse game. When I find you I am going to put four bullets in your body, each one for the people you killed in my life.” I said. “Meanwhile the media got hold of the story, and it made headlines around the country.” I say.

“I remember that story! Everyone could not stop talking about it. Did the people not form a community mob, and was the killer not caught with the gang?” He asked.

‘True, they were caught only because ten of them were not at their homes when the incident took place. The fools said they robbed me in the middle of the night and think that is what led me into killing their relatives.”

The police managed to trace the call that Starring made to me and caught me. The police were merciless when they took me and treated me like an animal. They took me in for interrogation and asked for my statement. I did not plan anything so I told them everything about the previous night from the beginning. They believed me and told me I was going to see the judge in two weeks time. Meanwhile, taxi drivers came out at their numbers in Phillippi and were sick and tired of us doing as we please. Every night they all came together at ten o’clock and would beat up anyone they saw. Some of the guys managed to hold a picture of one taxi driver in their minds. They joined together and killed every taxi driver they thought was protesting against them. So the war began between the youth and taxi drivers. Every day you would hear there is a dead body lying somewhere. The police joined the taxi drivers and the guys from the east and west were out in numbers. A lot of lives were lost, so the brothers decided to surrender and were arrested.

Inside the police station cell, it was very cold and I was afraid. I had to make a plan to get out of there, so I cleared my mind and thought and thought very hard. Finally I had a plan, but it was a dangerous one and all I knew I had to stay positive. I managed to persuade the police guard into having a phone call. I called the drug dealer.

“Look if you want your money, you are going to have to get me out of this place.” I said.

“When is your trial?” he asked.

“In two weeks. If you do not get me out soon, I think Starring is going to kill me in Pollsmoor.” I said. “You will be out on your trial date. No need to fear anything, but if you are playing me, death is the punishment you shall receive. I hope I am making myself clear to you.” he said, then he dropped the phone. My body was finding it hard to adapt to the environment it was in. I was shaking and shaking nonstop all the time, and sometimes I would sweat at night. The first nine days felt like hell, then my day to see the judge came. I stood in front of him, and he was looking at me in pity.

“I have a son who is about your age, if I ever see him here I would beat the crap out of him. Anyway what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I do not know your honour.” I said.

“Bring forward this boy’s charges.” he said. The detective who was in charge of my case went mad and could not find my file.

“Your honour, this is the boy who is in charge of fourteen deaths two weeks ago and the war between taxi drivers and young teenage boys.” he said.

“Detective Dnovela, do you expect me to believe you on that? This boy is as young as my last born child, how on earth do you expect me to believe you on that statement. Release this boy immediately.” he said.