“We’re going to need both your statements,” Police man said.

“Before you can continue questioning us, I need you to listen to what I have in here,” Cosima said.

“What is it?” Police man asked. “Let’s go in there and hear what you have to say.”

They all walked into a private room and listened to the recording, and when they got out of there, Crystal was terrified. She did not know what to say and how to say it.

“Did she really save me from a bad mom?” Crystal asked.

“Do I look like I was not raised well?” Cosima asked. “She said all that in order to make you believe she was the saviour. Mom cried every day since coming back from the hospital with only Tony and me. She mourned you, but never believed you had died. She kept telling us every day that there’s what they call a mother’s intuition, and that hers told her that her cute dimpled Sara was alive. Tony made matters worse by painting you. Mommy has a huge painting of you dangling on the wall in her bedroom.”

“How did Tony know me well enough to be able to paint me?” Crystal asked.

“He said you appeared a couple of times in his dreams crying,” Cosima answered. “He thought he should do something nice for you in order to stop you from crying. He thought that if you walked into his room and saw a smiling picture of yourself, you’d stop crying and smile.”

“He’s sweet and stupid,” Crystal said.

“Yeah he is,” Cosima responded, and they both laughed.

“Miss Maslany, we need your address,” the police man said.

“The old one or the new one?” Crystal asked.

On hearing Crystal’s response, Cosima looked at her with a puzzled look on her face.

“The one where I can find Mr and Mrs Maslany,” the police man responded.

“Got a pen?” Crystal asked.

The policeman handed Crystal a pen and piece of paper, and after writing the address and handing over the piece of paper to the police man, she looked at Cosima. “Let’s go collect our family and go home sister,” she said.

What Crystal said sounded like music to Cosima’s ears.

Crystal then looked back at the policeman again. “Go there at after 18:00, they’ll both be back from work by then,” she said. She then took Cosima by then hand, and they both headed to the hospital to see their brother and mother.

When Crystal and Cosima arrived at the hospital, Tony was awake and having a chat with their mother. Seeing both his sisters together holding hands brought joy to his heart, and that made his eyes became shinny with tears.

Crystal rushed to her brother’s embrace. “Thanks for everything,” she said. “Your dreams saved me from the hands of criminals and a pervert of a father. Thank you so much. I always felt like I had family beyond the Maslanys. Thank you mom for always having hope that I would return, and thank you sis for risking your life to make sure I know the truth. Seriously, thank you. I was saved by a dream.”

After that day, the McKnight family lived happily ever after. Crystal changed her name to Sara and her surname to McKnight. Miss McKnight had never been happier than she was with her triplets.

Sister Blake got fired and recovered under police custody. After recovery, she was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment together with her partners in crime, Mr and Mrs Maslany.


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