“Ok, who’s killing who?” Crystal asked as soon as she opened the door.

“Sister Blake is killing me,” Cosima responded.

“Ok, before they kill you, you need to go calm your mother down because, unlike your brother who fainted, she saw me and broke into tears,” Crystal said.

On hearing the news, Sister Blake went crazy and pushed Crystal out in order to attempt to lock Cosima inside and commit murder and suicide. But, before the door could close, Cosima had already had half her body outside. Sister Blake then grabbed her hand and tried to pull her inside, but Cosima grabbed the wall outside, so it became difficult for Blake to pull her in at once.

The words Crystal heard before swinging the door open started playing in her head again, and that was when she became curious about the reason why a whole Sister would want to murder a patient’s daughter. She then grabbed Cosima’s hand and tried to pull her outside. Sister Blake was strong, so Cosima figured Crystal needed help, and she kicked Sister Blake hard on the stomach and broke loose from her hold, giving Sister Blake no option but to lock herself up and perhaps commit suicide.

“She can’t lock herself in there,” Cosima said. “She’s going to commit suicide, and justice will not be served.”

“What are you talking about?” Crystal asked.

“Let’s break in first, then I’ll tell you everything,” Cosima responded.

By that time, people were gathered and confused.

“Come on, help me get this criminal out of there,” Cosima said.

Both Cosima and Crystal kicked the door together a few times. When it finally broke open, they found Blake lying in a pool of her own blood because she had cut her wrist.

When they all saw this, one of the other Sisters rushed to the bathroom to see why people had gathered around the door, and all she saw was the pool of blood and Sister Blake lying in it. She made her way through by pushing people aside in order to get in and see what was happening. When she walked in, she saw Cosima and Crystal trying to stop Sister Blake’s bleeding.

“Somebody come with a gurney,” Sister Monkwe shouted, already kneeling down to feel Blake’s pulse.

“She still has a pulse,” Cosima said.

“Who the hell are you, and why are you in here with Sister Blake bleeding?” Sister Monkwe said. “Somebody call the police.”

“We didn’t do anything,” Crystal said with a panic.

“It’s ok dear, don’t worry,” Cosima said.

After a while, Sister Blake was rushed into ICU and she had a blood transfusion because she had lost a lot of blood. The police then came and took Casima and Crystal to the police station.

“What are you not telling me?” Crystal asked. “I can’t hop into a police van. My mom is going to kill me, and prison scared the hell out of me.”

“We’ll be out in the next 30 minutes,” Cosima said while taking out her phone. “I have everything we need for our release in here. Your parents and that criminal of a nurse will rot in hell.”

“Ok, now I’m lost,” Crystal said.

After speaking for a while, both Crystal and Cosima hopped into the police van and were taken in for questioning.


Tell us: Now that Cosima is going to give her recording to the police, what do you think is going to happen with her family and Sister Blake?