Buhle was worried when she couldn’t find Ellie anywhere in the building. She refused to be alone in same room with the man who raped her. She loitered around the building and got caught by Mr Banda. He found her on the third floor where the security department was.

“Girl, what are you doing here?” he asked.

She nearly hit her head on the wall. She looked at him, frightened and didn’t know what to say. Her mouth moved but uttered no sound. Mr Banda could see something wrong with the cheerful and sweet girl he knew.

“Buhle, are you OK?” he said rubbing her shoulder.

“Y…Yes sir! I am looking for Ellie,” she spoke with fear.

“Ellie asked to go to the police. She didn’t tell you? She will be back in an hour,” he said concerned.

“Police… Oh my God!” she touched her chest and started to breathe fast.

“Are you OK? Why don’t you go to the office and sit down?” he asked, pulling her to go to the elevator.

“I can’t be in the same room as… Oh never mind, I will go,” she said pretending.

“What do you mean you can’t be in the same room?” he asked concerned.

The elevator opened.

“Never mind sir,” she said, getting in the elevator and left Mr Banda confused.

She buried her head in the ground when she saw Ellie had defeated her. Mr Banda shook his head and went to the security, he didn’t get any sense of what she said. He guessed she was stretching her legs because sitting on the chair for a long time can be tiring.

Buhle went back to the Data Capturing floor. She met Ellie there, holding an envelope. She got furious that she had broken her promise to keep her secret. She pulled her closer. Ellie felt she was doing the right thing except Buhle didn’t appreciate it.

“What were you doing at the police?” she whispered.

“To report that rapist,” she replied confidentially.

“Are you crazy?” Buhle shouted.

Buhle pulled Ellie close enough that she could smell the Aquafresh toothpaste she used. She always carried toothpaste in her bag, after every meal she brushed her teeth. Ellie looked at the door of their office, Buhle didn’t notice until Tumi walked closer to them. She sensed something coming closer to them. She looked to where Ellie’s eyes pointed and nearly fell.

“What’s the noise about? You ladies need to get serious with work,” he said loudly.

Buhle let Ellie walk into the office; she followed because she saw Tumi smiling at her. Her fears grew stronger, what if he planned to rape her again? They quickly sat on their chairs and stared at each other. Tumi had files in his hand and went off. Ellie and Buhle looked at each other disappointedly.

“You’ve got to report him,” she whispered.

“It happened many years ago, I can’t, it’s opening old wounds,” she whispered worriedly.

“I am going to tell Mr Banda,” Ellie stood up and walked to the door.

“Ellie, you can’t do…” she cried out.

Ellie opened the door and met Tumi standing there, puzzled again. He kept his eye on them but Ellie walked off and Buhle sighed angrily. She strolled to her desk and pretended to work. Tumi walked to Buhle’s desk and sat on top of it.

“You are beautiful… I’d like you to be honest,” he said gently.

Buhle realised he was pursuing her or maybe he knew she the girl he raped.

“Do you remember me? Stay away from me or I will report you… I am the girl you raped,” she pushed him and he fell on the floor.

She looked at him angrily and Tumi gets up confused but remembers what he did years ago to little innocent girl. He wipes his trousers from dust then looks at her.

“I am sorry… Is it you? I wanted to heal my wounds,” he said in a low voice.

“What about me? Do you know how I feel? Stay away from me!” she said, racing to the door.

Tumi grabbed her and put her up against the wall. He looked enraged, with fury all over his face. Buhle had flashbacks again of how he threatened her. Tumi wanted to save himself so he pushed her on the wall. He was angry but he knew what was important to him, his job.

“Look… I don’t want to lose my job… Can we be professional?” he begged.

“Are you crazy? Help… Help…” she said louder.

He closed her mouth and took a knife out from his pocket. He knew no one would see him, he had to save his reputation and not go to prison. He looked at her and saw some features on her that made him aware it was the same girl he kidnapped long ago.

“I told you, if you say anything I will kill you,” he threatened.

Mr Banda and his associates walked in surprised, Ellie followed. Tumi dropped the knife and released Buhle and she ran to Ellie and hugged her, crying.

“So it’s true?” Mr Banda asked.

“No, it’s not. I was just teaching her a game,” he replied.

“That’s not what we saw,” Mr Banda said walking toward him.

Tumi pushes the associates to flee but he gets caught.

“Someone call the police,” he shouted.


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