The next morning Buhle prepared crispy bacon, its smell travelled through the passage of the house. She had already bathed and dressed into a skirt and a long sleeve blouse. Ellie got up quickly because she saw the sun and guessed the time.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” she shouted, all dressed up in the kitchen.

“You are an early bird ,what happened today?” Buhle chuckled.

“How are you feeling today?” she sat down when given her meal by Buhle.

“I am better, thanks!” she said softly.

“Please think about what I said. Tumi could do it to another person,” she said concerned.

“Ellie, no, let me enjoy my breakfast in peace,” she said nervously.

They ate silently but Buhle wasn’t comfortable, she hated talking about Tumi. She doubted if Ellie would keep her secret and wished she’d never told her; her tongue would be loose especially now when she sees how serious it is. They grabbed a taxi by the corner of the street and met Tumi who greeted them, but Ellie clicked her tongue thrice. Tumi was surprised.

Ellie had been throwing herself over him but today it was different. Maybe she is in a mood, every woman goes through moods, he thought. Buhle pretended to smile and went into the office. Tumi didn’t understand what was going on so he decided to ignore it. They sat on the chairs and started their work.

Tumi was a Chief Data Capturer, he had to make sure the data was captured in the system. While looking at his colleagues’ work he saw some information missing.

“Ladies, you didn’t put the information for 23 April in the system,” he said sincerely.

“Really, Mr Know-it all?” Ellie asked with her face on the screen.

“Oh what information is that?” Buhle tried to be professional.

“You didn’t put information from 12 noon to 3 p.m.,” he answered staring at Buhle.

Buhle’s eyes met his and she quickly pushed her face on the papers to check. Tumi kept staring at her, Ellie noticed it, stood up and walked towards him. She wanted to smack him and throw him over a cliff.

“Why do you look at her as if you’re waiting to eat her?” she asked.

“What are you on about?” he asked confused.

“Did you forget her?” she said pointing at Buhle.

Buhle got up and pulled her out of the office.

“He must know what he did,” Ellie shouted and walked out the door.

“Ellie, you promised me,” she whispered and returned inside the office.

Ellie walked away. Buhle found Tumi looking at her confused. She stared at him, asking if he remembered her but he gestured and said he was lost.

“Forget her… I found the information, it doesn’t have more of it. I am sorry. Give me your sheets and I will update it on our laptops,” she said calmly.

“OK… Here… What is wrong with your friend? Yesterday she liked me, today she hates me. Did I do anything wrong?” he asked confused.

Buhle didn’t reply but pretended she didn’t hear him.

He carried on with his work, silently without looking at Buhle. She sat down and typed the information silently. Buhle noticed the absence of Ellie and felt that she was unsafe. After updating the lost information she stood up and walked out quickly.


Tell us: What do you think Ellie will do?