She pretended to smile but she felt unsafe in the office. Ellie looked at Tumi who smiled then asked for his desk. When Buhle looked at him, all she saw was the man who went on top of her and raped her.

He spoke about doing it for his cure but still, it was wrong.

She felt Tumi destroyed her life and now she hated men because of him. She quivered as if it was cold. A lot of young men her age tried to propose but she refused or smacked their cheeks or become violent. A very chubby boy who came from a rich family tried his luck and failed. Buhle didn’t have any male friends.

“Over there,” Ellie pointed to the desk near the window, looking at him and vigilantly checking if he was muscular. She saw a handsome face and his chubby cheeks make her body weak. Mr Banda walked out of the office with some contracts Buhle gave him.

“So ladies, can you give me your names,” Tumi said grinning.

“I am Ellie, that’s Buhle,” Ellie chuckled.

Buhle kept doing her work but Tumi stared at her. She was afraid of looking in his eyes, scared he might recognise her and rape her again. He seemed to notice the beauty she had without sensing what was happening in the lady’s mind. Both of the girls were beautiful but Buhle attracted him.

Ellie took some papers to another office and Buhle felt as if the man would hurt her again, so she kept checking on him every minute. Suddenly their eyes met and she quickly rose up and the chair fell down. Ellie came quickly and looked at her.

“Are you OK Buhle?” she asked.

“Yes, I need the bathroom,” she rushed out of the room.

Ellie walk to Tumi’s desk and she touched his shoulders.

“If you want a massage, I am here,” she whispered.

Tumi pulled her and kissed her lips. They stopped due to the clicking of the door. It was Buhle, she was starting to worry about Ellie because she didn’t know what he did to her. She wondered if Tumi remembered her.

Ellie went to sit on the chair behind her desk and carried on with her work. At lunch Tumi offered to buy them burgers while the girls remained in the office. Ellie couldn’t stop talking about the kiss she got from Tumi.

“Ellie, that guy is dangerous,” she whispered.

“Do you know him?”

“No, can’t you see he is a predator?” Buhle asked with a serious face.

“You don’t know him. You should start dating and see that not all man are bad,” she answered annoyed.

Tumi entered, carrying three white boxes and three Tropical juices. Buhle looked away and pretended to type on the laptop.

“Here is your food,” he said, giving them the takeaways and juice.

“You are such a darling, thank you!” Ellie exclaimed.

Buhle just ate silently and didn’t utter a word to Tumi, but he felt this woman was more beautiful than the naggy one, Ellie.

After work, Ellie asked for a hug from Tumi. He gave it intentionally but he wanted a hug from Buhle more.

“I scored a kiss and a hug. I am telling you, he will be mine soon,” she rejoiced.

“Let’s go home,” Buhle said irritated.

Buhle wished that Ellie would know what Tumi did. The only way to protect her was to tell her but what if she didn’t believe her? What will Mr Banda do if he knew? Will they believe her?

She knew her secret would be out if she told Ellie. Instead of watching television she said she was going to sleep early. Ellie kept thinking about that kiss and hug. She went to sleep after eating some leftovers she had placed in the fridge. She was too tired to cook because she had to eat alone again.


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