The next day she woke up feeling better; all those scary thoughts disappeared. She made jokes while eating her bran and milk. Ellie enjoyed it, at least Buhle’s depression was gone, she thought. She dressed in her brown skirt and yellow blouse, it was one of her favourite outfits. She felt confident, happy and strong.

“Let’s hurry or we will be late. I can’t wait to see the new guy,” Ellie smiled.

“Oh it’s today?” she asked nervously.

“Friend, that guy, if he is handsome, he is mine,” she chuckled and blinked.

They both took their handbags and left to catch a cab by the corner of the street where they stayed. While in the cab, Buhle was sitting in front then she recognised a man, but where did she know him from?

She kept thinking, even after the cab had arrived at her workplace she remained sitting. Ellie paid the cab and opened the door where Buhle is sitting. The driver stared at her and saw that she was in her own world, but was willing to wait for her to get out. He saw she was stressed and full of thoughts.

“Buhle…Buhle,” Ellie patted her thighs.

“Oh, we’ve already arrived,” she said confused.

She took her handbag and got out, Ellie looked at her worriedly.

The man in a navy blue suit jumped off too. She walked faster and Ellie ran after her. She wasn’t aware that they had entered the same building as the man. She walked faster in the building as if she was being chased by something. Ellie kept running after her.

“My friend, what’s going on? I am here for you if you need to talk,” Ellie said sincerely.

“I am OK,” she said frightened when she saw the same man she saw on the street entering the office.

Buhle figured out where she knew him from. She felt that she had seen him sometime back then suddenly, she closed her eyes. What had happened when she was kidnapped came into her mind.

The man didn’t recognise Buhle, he only saw the ladies as those who fancy him or had a crush on him. He looked like a gentleman but Buhle saw him as the man who kidnapped and raped her.

“Morning ladies, this is your new Chief Data Capturer. He will be your leader in this department. His name is Tumi,” Mr Banda smiled.

Tumi looked at them with a smile and reached for handshakes but Buhle’s blood raced as if something will happen. She thought it was her imagination until he opened his mouth and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, hope we will be able to work well together,” he said with a sly grin.

The voice sounded familiar. Buhle was sure Tumi was the one who held her hostage and continuously raped her. She quickly sat down and fiddled with papers on her desk.

“Buhle, I hope you will work together well,” Mr Banda said gently.

“Yes sir,” she nodded and covered herself in her paperwork.


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