The cold mornings of the winter season kept me in bed for another thirty minutes. At about 7:30 I woke up and as always, thanked God for an amazing night I had and rushed to the kitchen to plug some coffee. The city of Durban is always busy despite the weather. As I gazed down the street through the window, people were rushing to work, others were coming from work, stores were opening up and people were shouting as always. I closed the window and got back to the kitchen.

I made myself a warm cup of coffee and switched on the television and as always politics was on the spotlight. I turned on the weather forecast to see if there was any change as the day moved on and I realised there wasn’t, so I switched it off. I wandered in my bedroom as I was looking for any outfit to kick-start the day.

Although I wasn’t a fan of tight pants, I knew I had to be warm so I went for a long white fur coat, a long grey sleeved t-shirt, a skinny black jeans and long boots. That was minus one trouble. I hit the shower and after twenty minutes I was ready for the day. I locked my room and rushed to the elevator and started hitting the road. My work wasn’t far from where I stayed, so I walked every day and as usual I greeted Nina, our receptionist and asked if I had any messages.

“Morning Nina! Anything for me?” I asked.

“Morning, Lue! Oh my goodness, where did you buy that lavish coat of yours? I need one too,” she complemented with her eyes widely opened. But I was used to it, that’s our Nina, “the gossiper”.

I repeated, “Anything for me?” this time sounding serious.

“Not a thing,” she said with disappointment in her eyes.

I headed to my office, took off my coat and hung it nicely on the hanger. Switching my computer on, I saw I had no important emails so I began to work. Human resource is no easy thing to do, because I mostly dealt with people, so today I had to solve a case about an unfairly dismissed employee. I gazed on the screen as if it would give me answers to all the problems, and unexpectedly the telephone rang.

“TGC Company, Lue’s on the other side. How can I assist you?”

“Oh hello Lue, Elizabeth here. I was wanting to talk to you about my case and hear from you if everything is still on the stand and nothing’s changed,” the voice on the other side exclaimed.

“Oh yeah! Liz! Nothing has changed. I will meet you at the boardroom at 13:30 OK”? I said.

“Thank you Lue. You’re such an angel,” she sounded desperate.

“It’s my job hey. I have to get back to work. See you later,” I hung up and continued with my work.

It was almost 12:00 and I didn’t make myself lunch so I decided to grab something at one of my favourite restaurants.

“Two chocolate muffins and a hot cappuccino please,” I pleaded.

“Hey Lue? How you doing?” that was Uncle Ben, the restaurant owner.

“Hey Uncle Ben, how are you doing? And it’s a sit down please,” I added as he got ready my goods.

“You look lovely as always my daughter and enjoy your food,” he smiled. I thanked him and took my food. I gazed around and saw a perfect spot right there on the corner. I sat down at a table for two and ate. And suddenly a sweet, shallower voice called, “Can I please join you?”

At that moment everything changed. I felt butterflies in my stomach, my heart bumped five times than normal, I was extremely hot.


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