As the night went on, Terrence told Olwethu that his friend Phil, was in town. He told her he would be busy and asked her to show him a good time. She agreed without an ounce of doubt. Olwethu figured if the man was with Terrence, then he can be trusted.

She was having the best night of her life with the man who was not only dashing, but proved to be loaded too. He spoilt her with expensive champagne and anything she wanted, all night. Later, Terrence paid for a bedroom in a hotel and left with Olwethu and Phil. He told her to relax, that everything will be fine. That’s the moment Olwethu started to get scared.

Half an hour later, the staff heard a girl screaming.

They called Japheth and entered the room where Olwethu and Phil were. It was messy, she was naked with her clothes torn up. Phil’s clothes were all over the floor.

“Oh, so you’re invading my privacy, Japh?” shouted Phil. “I even wasted my money on this skank, I deserve an apology from you Japheth.”

“This has nothing to do with us, it’s a man and woman thing. Come on guys, let’s go,” said Japheth, turning around with his staff.

“How could you say that about your own daughter?” Olwethu asked.

Terrence looked at her.

“Daughter?” Japheth asked. “What are you talking about?”

“Do you hate me so much that you even tell your people to rape me? What kind of a father are you? Jairos and my mother were right about you!” the girl shouted at him.

Japheth’s mouth opened, looking for the right words.

“Wait. Jairos? How do you know my grandfather?” he asked.

“I was played,” Terrence mumbled.

“You better shut your mouth, I trusted you.” Olwethu rebuked Terrence.

“What the hell is going on here?” Japheth said, trying to wrap his head around the situation.

“Jairos came to me a month ago. He said he was looking out for your business and he knows a girl who can be a catch. He referred me to Olwethu and I became close to her.”

He gave her a towel and the girl dashed to take her cell phone. She opened up a voice recording and gave the phone to Japheth.

“Jairos came to my home a few weeks ago. He took my phone to record something. He made me promise not to listen to it.”

Japheth took the phone and pressed play.

“When you get to listen to this I know that you’ll be confused and in disbelief,” Jairos laughed. “But know that you won, and that I, the monster, did this to you. 17 years ago you slept with a girl who came from a dysfunctional family. She fell pregnant but only me and your mother knew. She didn’t want you to know because she didn’t want her baby mixing with a family like ours. So we paid her to stay away from you. We sent her money on a monthly basis to look after Olwethu. After the passing of your mother, I made it my responsibility to take her to school. I didn’t do much for you son, but at least I did my best for your seed.”

Japheth’s eyes were wild, so he shut them. His whole world was in slow motion.


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