“With everything you just told me, give me one reason why I shouldn’t shoot you in the face right now.”

The old man laughed with tears in his eyes.

“You people don’t seem to get this, do you? What do you think killing me will help with? I will be dead, Japheth, I won’t feel any pain. My death is nothing compared to what I made you feel son. I took the lives of two of your most important people, it will kill you for the rest of your life. But my death will just kill me, just for today,” the old man murmured.

“You’re nothing but the devil in human form,” said Japheth with disgust.

“Your father used to say the same thing. It’s funny how both of you love to demonise me when you are just like me. I taught you well,” the old man boasted.

“I am nothing like you,” Japheth muttered.

“Specifically you Japheth, you are worse than me. At least I raised your father with these hands, what about you? You abandoned your own daughter after birth.”

Japheth knew his grandfather could be manipulative. He has always taken him with a grain of salt, until now.

“I don’t have time for this,” he said.

“Yes, you won’t have time for it, the same way you didn’t have time for her.”

“I don’t know you’re talking about.”

“You are close to realising that I am the monster that loved you and your parents.”

“I also have something to tell you,” Japheth said. “As we speak, I am wearing a wire and the police have been listening to our conversation. You have confessed to your drug business, the murder of my parents, and James. And you’re too old, I don’t know if you will ever come back alive from jail.”

That’s when the police raided Jairos’ place and threw him in the back of the van.

“I’m about to do one last mistake, my son. After that is done, please forgive me, I did this one for you, but don’t thank me.”


Olwethu was smiling whenever she was on her WhatsApp, going through her chats with Terrence. He was now on his way to take her out. There was a knock on her door and Olwethu opened up, expecting to see Terence.

“Oh hell no, not you,” she said, looking into the eyes of her old friend, Prudence.

“You look stunning babe, what are you up to?” asked Prudence.

“Terrence is coming to fetch me, we are going out,” Olwethu responded with poise.

“Look friend, I know how this feels okay? You feel like a queen now, but trust me, he’s going to ditch you, and this life is not for you.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Olwethu interjected.

“Oh please, don’t come here with jealousy and tell me you care. You are just bitter because nobody wants you. You know what, just get out!” she shouted.

While they were arguing they heard a car hoot outside. Prudence watched Terrence leaving with Olwethu, leaving her peeping at the car as if they took a part of her.


Tell us: What do you think the old man has planned for Japheth? Do you think Olwethu is safe with Terrence?