After I was discharged from the hospital, I began to fear for my life. I was so afraid to go back home. But I had no choice, but to face the reality. The dreaded nightmares began once again.

Luckily for me, when we got home it was in disarray. Thieves vandalized our home and made away with nothing but gunshot wounds from my fierce dad. My dad owns a licensed gun: an old Taurus ‘Raging Judge Magnum’ revolver. Mess with my dad today and you would be a dead man tomorrow.

It was luck because on that same day, my dad installed multiple CCTV cameras in each and every room and outside the house.

Boom! I finally got my source of evidence to show them. I learnt from the internet that ghosts can be captured on CCTV cameras.

A year passed and nothing suspicious was captured on camera. I began to doubt myself and that maybe I was imagining things. I even told my parents that our home could be haunted, but they laughed it off and told me that I was hallucinating. My little sister even affirmed my statement, but my dad brushed it off.

Many paranormal occurrences have manifested themselves right before our very eyes except for my parents who were always absent.

There was even a time when my sister would call me in the middle of the night to show me a little boy ghost that always appeared in the attic. She even told me the name of the child was Arjun and that he usually played with her every day. At first I doubted Patricia, but when I heard the boy’s voice, it resembled that of the previous ghost which greeted me by my name.

I wasn’t shocked because I got used to these strange occurrences ¬- footsteps being heard at the stairs; invisible people talking outside; shouts and cries and giggling; plates smashing on the floor in the kitchen; the walking shadow that always appeared out of the closet in my bedroom.

On my fourteenth birthday though, something happened that no one would soon forget.

Everyone, including the neighbours and my friends were invited. My parents were present on that particular day; it was on 6th April 2010. Something happened that I could never forget. That incident convinced everyone including the neighbours that the house we were living in was haunted.


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