A few days later, my sister and I took in a stray dog that got abandoned by its owners. We brought it home where it was not welcomed at all. That was the day I knew that dad hated dogs. He swore that he’d break my neck if I didn’t return it.

“Back to the black lagoon where it came from,” my dad ordered.

As usual, my mom disagreed with my dad. After some arguments, we finally got to keep the dog! Hurray!

I believed that dogs have special abilities that we humans don’t have. They are able to sense things that we can’t see. So I was happy to have the dog. We named our dog Fluffy because she was so cute and incredibly soft.

Fluffy started noticing things and behaving in a weird way. One day, she started barking and howling endlessly. She was staring at something in the kitchen. Normally, we would give her food in a bowl in the kitchen and she would eat it peacefully. But that day, she refused to eat. Despite the fact that she was hungry, she was afraid to eat. She just stared at the very same spot, barking.

I knew that there was something wrong. As soon as I stepped into the kitchen I saw three white orbs ascending simultaneously from the same spot up to the ceiling. I felt like my heart was going to explode and I felt very light headed. I just remembered falling.

When I came to, I was in a hospital bed. My parents were there and mom was holding my hands crying and sobbing uncontrollably, her rosary held firmly in her hands. I knew she was chanting Hail Mary as usual. A mother’s love knows no boundaries. As soon as she saw me wake up, she gave me a tight hug that almost crushed my tiny bones.

“Never do that again, son. You gave your mother and I such a big fright,” said dad.

“Dad, mom. There’s something I need to tell you both,” I said.

“What is it, son? I hope you haven’t skipped school again!” said dad, raising his voice a bit.

“No dad, I need to tell you that… That …”

I was interrupted by a nurse who came to check on me. My parents were told to wait outside until she was done. I felt miserable that I wasn’t able to tell them that our house was haunted. But they wouldn’t believe me. How was I supposed to convince them about what I saw earlier. Yes, I needed evidence, strong evidence.


Tell us: What do you think James will do to get his evidence?