The next morning, I woke up to some rattling noises coming from the kitchen. My dad was still in the living room fast asleep on the sofa. I thought it was my sister playing in the kitchen, but she was fast asleep too. So what could the sound be?

I entered the kitchen only to see dishes falling off the shelves on the floor – by themselves. The cutlery was rattling in the sink all on its own. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The thing that scared the heck out of me was when I heard a young boy’s voice sniggering behind me. I heard “Hi, James” coming from behind.

I ran like a mad man, upstairs into my parents’ bedroom screaming. My mom woke up. I could hear my dad waking up and swearing downstairs. The next thing happened so fast that I couldn’t even believe that it actually happened. Suddenly I felt a huge slap against my cheek by some unknown force.

I turned to see who slapped me, but I saw nothing. In fact, the slap was stinging so much that I felt a burning sensation on my cheeks. My mom was surprised to see an imprint of a person’s hand on my left cheek and asked where I got it from.

“Did you fight with your friends?” asked my mother.

“No,” I replied.

Days passed and all was quiet. I thought that that was the last time that such things would happen in our house. But I was wrong.

One Monday evening, I was alone with my sister in the living room watching TV. My parents were at work. What appeared to be an apparition dressed in white clothing appeared just behind the stairs. It was a female apparition this time. It had long hair and had long nails and arms too. It kept staring at the both of us and there was something very weird about her eyes.

Her eyes were large, dark and empty. Her mouth looked like it was sown shut.

I quickly ran out of the room shouting “Ghost!” My sister didn’t move at all, she just motionlessly stared at the apparition. The thing just stood there staring at my sister.
I called out to my sister, “Patricia! Patricia! Get out of there!”

She wouldn’t listen, she wouldn’t budge either. I thought maybe she was under the ghost’s spell.

I headed for my parents’ room, took out my mom’s rosary, she has many of these things, and headed downstairs. Patricia was still in awe and the ghost was right there staring at my sister. I gathered courage and threw the rosary at the ghost. The ghost disappeared and the rosary snapped in two, right in front of my very eyes. I knew I was done for! Mom would surely scold me.


Tell us: Do you think James should tell his parents? Would they believe him?