I’m walking towards New Stallian, a few moments later I arrive to the security guards of the entrance area.

“What are you here for?” one of the guards asks.

“Am here to see a friend,” I respond.

Another security guard comes, he informs the security guard that they need a new generator.

“We’ll use natural electricity,” the guard says.

“Huh?” the other guard asks.

“Housing electricity or whatever it’s called, the electric fences can’t be shut down, it’s already late,” the guard tells the other guard.

The guard nods and walks away.

“What’s his name?” the guard asks once more.

“Collen,” I say.

“What were you saying?” the guard asks me.

“I want to see Collen,” I say.

“Okay, let me check for his residential telephone number.” The guard then calls the telephone numbers of Collen’s home.

“Hello,” the guard greets.

“There’s someone here named…” The guard puts his hand on the telephone’s speaker. “What’s your name again?” he asks.

“Benard,” I respond.

“Sorry about that, there’s someone here named Benard, shall I let him in?” the guard asks. The guard then looks at me. “Okay, I understand, bye.”

The guard drops the phone.

“So, are you gonna let me in?” I ask.

“He says he doesn’t want you to come in,” the guard responds.

“What the…?”

Guess I should’ve expected that.

“I’m afraid you’re gonna have to leave now.”

I nod, I turn and walk away. I walk until I can see that I’m out of sight from the guards. Somehow I’ve got to get in, but how? There’s this wall that surrounds the whole of New Stallian which covers around 40km of the area. I could climb the wall, but there are electric fences on top of the wall and I could become toasted cheese. I stand and think… And think… And think… Until I realise that it’s hopeless.

The wind blows and I can feel it’s coldness sipping in the pores of my skin. I can feel and see drops of rain falling in my hair and to the ground. I look up, the clouds have turned back. The drops of rain start to increase, I’m getting wet and the coldness of the rain makes my body to shiver.

I hear the sound of thunder and I nearly jump – it’s very loud. I need to find shelter, it’s not safe walking when there’s thunder. I then spot a tall tree a few meters away, I hurriedly go to the tree, it’s quite warm, weirdly enough. The area has suddenly turned dark, it’s become very stormy.

I see lightning on a mountain, then I hear a huge rupturing sound of the thunder. I climb towards the top of the tree, the rupturing sound of the thunder is making me shiver. It’s a bit warmer at the top.

At this point I can see a pole inside the the electric walled fence, there’s a security/surveilance camera on top of the pole, and others on the other roads inside the residential area of New Stallian. It ain’t easy to trespass.

The violent sound of the thunder ruptures even more and I block my ears. It’s getting on my nerves. While I do that, I almost fall. I’m starting to regret leaving the hospital, and leaving Precious there at the process. But she’s in good hands, she’ll be taken to a local facility there.

That was my plan. Well, at least she’ll be safe there, I hope. I don’t want anyone, including her to get hurt because of this. That fake officer will skin her alive if he finds her, I thought.

Now coming here to New Stallian, alone and unarmed, really is stupid. I’ve got to convince Collen to help me, he’s physically and mentally stronger than me, well only mentally, I just hope that the drugs haven’t destroyed him completely, but still I’ve got to try.

I look at the wall covering the whole of the New Stallian residential area, those electric wires at the top of the wall are obviously a problem, but there’s gotta be a weak point.

The thunder’s rupturing sound increases dramatically. I wonder what’s with the weather today. The rain is falling more heavily and I’m struggling to tighten my grip on the trees branch.

I then place my foot on a branch to balance myself. That’s better, now I can see the electric fences on the top of the wall closely. I can hear the buzzing sound of the electricity on the fences, more like the one of bees on a bee hive.

I’m a few meters behind the wall, if I jump, I’m pretty much sure that I’ll be able to make it to the wall, but what if I over jump? I could get fried alive in that electric fence. But, even if I do make it, how do I make myself invisible from those security cameras, I wonder.

I then hear a loud explosion, as I look at the residential houses, all the lights are off. The electricity has vanished. It hits me, I remember the guard telling the other guard that the generator is finished and that they’ll use housing electricity, this means that the electric fences will be disabled, which means that the security camera’s will be disabled too. The storm is starting to cool off too. Ha, how lucky can I get, I think.

I need to steady myself before jumping. I steady myself, pin-pointing where I should land. I jump, and I clung on the electric wires, but my hand can’t hold as the wires are slippery, but I manage to place my other hand on the wire just in time. I jump down.

New Stallian’s residential area is really dark when there are no lights.

I walk until I reach a road, I start passing through some houses in the area. After a short while, I arrive to Collen’s house. I knock on the door. But no one answers. I knock it again, but still the door is not answered. I can see light through the window though, it’s a candle, I think. I open the door, and I smell a huge gulp of smoke.

I get in, the house is all messy and stuff, there are bottles of beer lying around the house alongside unwashed dishes. On the table there is a lot of white powder on its surface. This is so not good, I think.

“What the…!” a voice cries out.

It’s Collen, and he looks like a wreck, like he’s lost, like he’s distanced himself from reality.

“Hey bra, the door wasn’t locked so I…”

“Listen boy, I ain’t your bra, and how the hell did you get in here?” Collen cuts in before I could finish my sentence.

“That ain’t important, look the drugs that you’re using are very dangerous, and by the looks of things, they could kill you at any given moment, infact you ain’t using the drugs – they’re using you,” I elaborate.

Collen looks at me for a short while and makes a loud laugh. “Listen here boy, I’m giving you five seconds to leave, or else”.

“Or else what?” I ask, slightly guessing already which answer to expect.

“Or else I’m gonna rip you up into pieces,” Collen angrily threatens me.

It seems like, well it’s plain obvious that the drugs have already gotten to him, there’s no getting through to him, the drugs have released another side of him – a bad side of him that I never thought existed.

“I’m afraid that’s not an option,” I respond while preparing a fist on both of my hands.

“Ha, ha, I’m gonna enjoy hurting you” Collen says with a laugh.

“We’ll see about that,” I respond with a smirk.

I just hope I’ll have enough energy to take him on, with all the drugs on his blood stream, he’s energy is probably as high as an engine right now. Collen starts walking slowly, advancing towards me, until he’s just a few centimetres away, looking at me viciously.

I’m gonna have to be careful, Collen is as dangerous as a hungry lion, and I’m the dinner for the day. He’s lost it, I think.

The lights come back on and in a blink of an eye Collen punches me in the face. I awkwardly fall down. I touch my lip, and it’s bleeding.

“You’re as weak as a puppy,” Collen taunts.

“I’m just getting warmed up,” I respond.

I stand up and throw a punch, Collen quickly dodges it and hits me with an upper cut, I fall on the bottles that are on the floor on my back. I can feel the pain from the pieces of glass.

As I try to stand up, Collen grips my neck and lifts me, and throws me into the glassy table – it breaks beneath my weight. My arm has been slashed from the glasses of the table. I try to stand but I can’t.

“How did you get so strong?” I ask amazed.

“The drugs that I use increases my concentration levels and strength, so that I can do…” Collen punches me in the stomach hard, “This to wimps like you,” he adds.

Not forgetting that the drugs make one insane. Well, I’ve got the same drugs as him in my blood stream, but then why aren’t they giving me strength nor driving me insane like Collen?

Collen jabs me again in the stomach, and throws a left hook. Which makes me to walk back, and I fall. I touch my nose, and it’s very painful, I think it’s broken. I can feel a burning rage on my heart now. I stand up, with my fists folded.

“Your persistence is really annoying, but I ain’t complaining, that gives me more fun to jab you.”

I can feel my heart starting to beat faster, blood is rushing through my veins, the intensity of this adrenaline pumping through my body is enormous.

Collen has stopped, looking at me like he’s seen a ghost, as I look at myself, my muscles have slightly increased, it’s like my whole body is pumping like a heartbeat, with the muscles increasing at the response of my heart. I look at Collen with an angry look.

“I see you’ve managed to use the drug to your advantage with your anger,” he exclaims.

“Well, I’m still gonna crush you”.

Collen throws a punch, but I dodge it and counter by giving him an upper cut, I then kick him in the stomach and hold the back of his head with my hand. I then headbutt him in the face and he loses his balance and falls to the floor, hard.

Collen stands up. “You’re dead!” he says angrily.

He holds a broken piece of a bottle and starts laughing. I just stand there. He advances towards me quickly, and tries to slash me with it, I dodge. He tries again, and I dodge again and punch him with a powerful shot in the stomach. Collen goes on his knees, clutching his stomach.

I touch Collen’s shirt and pull him up, tightening my grip on it. I fold a fist, wanting to deliever a last knockout punch that’ll send him to heaven.