That Monday, as I was returning home, I felt sad because the weekend felt shorter than it had been. But, on Tuesday afternoon, after coming back home from school, my father announced that Shokwakhe would be coming over for dinner.

“He says he has a huge announcement,” my father said while we were all helping to prepare dinner.

“What kind of announcement?” I asked, thinking that maybe he was going to come clean about us.

“I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait till he gets here,” my father responded.

After preparing the dinner, we all took baths and slipped into our clothes. Later that evening, while we were setting the table, I heard Shokwakhe’s Porsche driving in, and I waited for him in anticipation. After a while, Shokwakhe rang the doorbell, and my father walked up to get the door.

“Ah! My brother!” my father shouted. Then there were a few inaudible voices, then my father continued speaking. “Please do come in.”

When I looked up from the table, Shokwakhe’s eyes and mine met, but he did not give me the same look he always gave me, and it was like he was trying to tell me something different. Just then, a little coloured boy ran into the dining room, and he looked cute. Then the boy stood still, and a white, heavily pregnant woman dragged herself to the table, then she greeted us with a pleasant smile. Shokwakhe pulled the chair for her, then she lowered herself down, balancing on the table.

“Thank you, love,” the woman said, putting her hand over her stomach.

“Brother! Introduce us,” my father said, pouring champagne for the adults, and juice for the children and the pregnant woman.

“This is Summer, my fiancé, and that’s my son, Awande,” Shokwakhe said, clearing his throat.

“Man! How could you keep such a beautiful family away from us for so long?” my father jokingly said.

“They were in America. They only landed last night,” Shokwakhe responded, laughing awkwardly while staring at me.

When I heard Shokwakhe say that, I swear I felt like I would cry. I had anger panting up inside me, because the man had been with me just two days before.

“I see you’re expecting,” my mother said, making conversation with the lady while my father told Shokwakhe that he had to wed Summer. My siblings, on the other hand, were fussing over Awande.

While everything was happening, I stood up abruptly because I could not bear it anymore. “Excuse me,” I said, and they all looked at me.

“We haven’t even had dessert. Are you sick?” my father asked.

“No, I have a control test tomorrow,” I responded, lying.

“Okay. Go study then,” they all said in a chorus.

“And when you finally go, travel safely, Uncle Shokwakhe and Aunt Summer, and to you too little Awande,” I said, forcing a smile, and they all wished me luck on my test tomorrow.


Tell us: What do you think is going to happen between Sizwe and Shokwakhe?