On the weekend, Shokwakhe picked me up in town. That time, he was in a Black Renault SUV, because the man had taste.

“Where are we going?” I asked after getting into the car.

“You’ll see,” Shokwakhe responded, smiling, then he drove off.

After a while, we got to the airport. “What? We’re flying?” I shouted, jumping up and down while holding his hand.

“We are,” Shokwakhe responded.

We boarded the plane and, after sixteen straight hours, we landed in Mozambique at some beautiful resort that gave us a clear view of the sea. We were both tired, so we took a shower together and went straight to bed because we had arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning. Later that morning, I was woken up by the smell of breakfast. I opened my eyes and found Shokwakhe holding a rose and a tray.

“You’re too kind,” I said, blushing while taking the tray from him.

“Go brush your teeth,” Shokwakhe said, laughing, and I walked to the bathroom

When I was done brushing my teeth, we ate breakfast, and he told me we would spend the whole of Saturday at the beach, but I wished we could just stay indoors the whole day. When we were done eating breakfast, we took a bath, and he slipped into swimming boy short and no vest, and I slipped into tight blue shorts and a white vest. We then walked side by side while holding hands. We did not care what the people there thought of us, because nobody knew us there.

“So, where were you all these years?” I asked him.

Instead of responding, Shokwakhe tenses up, then he slipped his hand away from mine.

“Okwakhe?” I almost shouted.

Before responding, Shokwakhe stared at me for a while. “I was in the US,” he finally said.

“And you’re planning on going back there?” I asked.

“I’m back home for good,” he responded, shaking his head.

“Good, cause I can’t think of losing you,” I said, frowning. “Where do you see us in the next three years?” I asked.

“Can we not talk about the future?” Shokwakhe responded stiffly, then he kissed me to shut me up.

“Well, that worked,” I said, laughing as he broke the kiss.

“What worked?” Shokwakhe asked, then he kissed me again.

“Can we go to our room?” I asked, then he laughed and grabbed my hand while we walked to our room.


Tell us: How do you think Sizwe’s parent would react if they found out that he had gone on a trip with Shokwakhe instead of a school trip?