The following day, while I was sitting in my class, the school caretaker came to tell me that my uncle had requests my presence, and I was a bit confused because all my uncles lived far from where I lived. I eventually left the classroom and, as I was walking to the school’s gates, the caretaker granted me a pass. When I got outside, I saw a blue Porsche parked there and Shokwakhe leaning on it. He was dressed in a smart grey suit and black shirt that time, and he looked like he had gotten a new haircut.

“Sizwe,” Shokwakhe said, smiling at me.

“Uncle Shokwakhe,” I responded.

“Please, call me Shokwakhe,” Shokwakhe said, laughing. Then he opened the passenger seat for me and I got into the car.

After I got into the car, Shokwakhe and I drove to a nearby hotel. When we got there, I found that he had laid out a perfect, girlish, slim fit, pink and white suit for me, and silver stilettoes.

“I hope you can walk in them,” Shokwakhe said, shrugging while pointing at the shoes.

“I’m a model by nature,” I responded, and we both laughed.

After speaking, I went to take a quick shower and slipped into the clothes Shokwakhe had bought me. He was waiting for me when I emerged out of the shower, looking like an angel.

“Wow! I’ve never been exposed to such gorgeousness,” Shokwakhe said, standing up and kissing my hand.

“What have I done to deserve this, Okwakhe?” I asked.

“I love how you shortened my name,” Shokwakhe responded. “You’ve done nothing in particular. I just thought we should spend some alone time,” he continued, producing a bouquet of roses.

When we were done in the room, Shokwakhe and I went downstairs, then we drove to a restaurant. But, when I walked into the restaurant, I realised there was nobody there. “You booked it?” I asked, and when he nodded in response, I was charmed. We then sat down and he wined and dined me.


After the date, Shokwakhe and I went back to the hotel, and we were both a little tipsy from all that wine we had had.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Fifteen-forty. I’ll drive you home at five,” Shokwakhe responded, then he took off his wristwatch.

While we were at the hotel, Shokwakhe and I chatted for a while and, for the first time in my life, a whole adult spoke to me like I was not a teenager. He listened to me, and he encouraged me to reach for the stars and gave me support.

“I had a good time, Okwakhe,” I said while we were sitting on the couch, sipping champagne.

“I did too,” Shokwakhe responded, then he leaned in for a kiss.

When I saw him lean in, I also leaned in for the kiss. His lips were dark, and he had a little beard above his upper lip. But, as we were getting closer to each other, he slowly wet his lips with his tongue. We kissed, and I got on top of him, then he grabbed my butt and caressed my back at the same time.

While we were busy, I started unbuttoning Shokwakhe’s shirt, but he stopped me. “Have you ever done this before?” he asked.

I nodded in response, then Shokwakhe smiled, whisked me up, and gently put me on the bed. He then got on top of me and kisses me passionately, then he stopped and looked into my eyes. “You’re beautiful,” he said while staring at my naked body.

I kissed him, and he did things to me that I never knew existed.


When we were done, Shokwakhe dropped me off at home, then he drove off before my father noticed him. I walked into the house, and I found my lovely family already eating supper.

“And then you? Why are you all smiles?” my mother asked.

“It’s nothing, ma,” I responded while blushing.

“It has to do with a boy. Come, I want all the details,” my mother said, standing up, and my sister followed after her.


Tell us: Do you think Sizwe should tell his parents about his relationship with Shokwakhe?