Hepville High was on its seventh period for the day, and both Kamohelo Sekhabi and Nelly Mapula were marked absent. They had left through a secret way during break, and gone to change from their school uniform to casual clothes. Kamo had accompanied Nellz to meet Dr Mbuli at some restaurant, then left to do her own things at town.

“There are only two periods remaining for the day, and you know that lazy Sir Mtshali will never show up for Business Studies, so let’s go,” Kamo had said.

A grey C-Class pulled up next to a house. “This is where I stay,” Dr Mbuli said while opening the door for Nelly to step out.

“Looks classy,” Nelly responded.

“Let’s go in,” the doctor said, leading the way, and they got inside his house, where Nelly felt like she had just died and reached heaven, or she was watching an episode of Top Billing.

“Wow,” Nelly said, and she could not stop turning her head, looking around.


“E – X – C – R – U – C – I – A – T – I – N – G . Excruciating,” Cindy said, and the crowd clapped their hands for her. Her mother clapped louder, and Mr Jacob did not see his sweater on the stage. Rather, it was on Mrs Bronwyn’s laps.

Creston Primary had made it to the semi-finals with their two remaining contestants. “Please spell grotesque,” one of the three judges on the side said.

“G – R … O – T … E … S – K. Grotesque?” Maya Johnson said, closing one eyes and tapping her thigh. There was a long pause of utter silence.

“I’m afraid that’s incorrect,” the speaker said, and the crowd howled. “That means Cindy Bronwyn moves through to the finals.”

“Yes!” Mrs Bronwyn said internally.

“It’s time for the second round of the semi-finals,” the host said, turning the card around. “Whoa! It is going to be a tough one. Ntokozo Chuma from SunnySide Primary vs. last year’s fifth grade winner, Naledi Mapula from Creston Primary! Please step forward!”

The entire venue roared with clapping hands.

The boy and girl climb on to the stage. “Ladies first,” Mr Host said, handing the microphone to Naledi, who turned her body to the female judge.

“Spell chromosomes,” the judge said.

“C – H – R – O – M – O S – O – M – E – S. Chromosomes,” Naledi responded immediately.


Earlier on, Dr Mdluli’s bedroom was the habitat of deep moans and soft screams, and Nelly had discovered that a huge house was not the only big thing that the 43-year-old doctor had. She had told him it was her first time, so he had to be as gentle as he always was when he handled fragile patients.

They were now both laying on their backs, facing the ceiling with sweaty faces and nude bodies.

“I need to go grab a drink,” Nelly said.

“Go to the kitchen, bring a glass for me too, you drained all my energy,” Dr Mdluli responded, running a hand through his hairy chest, then spanking her behind as she slipped from the bed covers.

Nelly could not look at Dr Ndluli for a second, so she focused on locking in the buttons of his oversized shirt, which she had put on. His hand was on his mid-section while he gawked at her whilst licking his lips.

Nelly was in disbelief, and she wondered how she had allowed that to happen. The worst part was that she had enjoyed it, even though it was wrong. The guy was probably older than her father, whom she was yet to know, and that was their first day meeting. She walked downstairs and was met by the housemaid’s back in the kitchen. The maid was facing the mirrored fridge, and when she wiped the blurry part, her daughter’s frightened face awaited hers, and they locked eyes.


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