I went in and it was just like any other club, loud music and sweaty bodies. I searched for my husband until I found him, on a couch with a girl on his lap and his tongue down her throat. I knew it was to anger me but it still worked.

So I marched to where they were sitting and dragged the girl off his lap. This attracted attention from all the people in the VIP section and then the DJ stopped the music.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” came my husband’s very low and very sexy question. Yes, I am hopeless, I know.

“She was sitting on my husband’s lap, something that is only reserved for me, your wife, so I removed her. Is that not obvious?” I think the clothes I was wearing gave me the confidence I knew I lacked. There were gasps and then there was silence.

“You think putting on a sexy dress makes you beautiful? You should have your face changed before claiming me for yourself. Have you seen a guy with a face like mine being with a girl with a face like yours? Go home woman, because even if you do look delicious in that dress, you don’t tempt me yet,” he went over to the celery-thin girl to continue what they were doing.

The music started again but even then I could hear them laughing at me. As much as I wanted leave, I decided to stay.

I ordered drink after drink after drink, until I knew I was drunk. I had wanted to stop but when I looked and found my husband with his hands on the girl’s behind, I couldn’t stop. Soon, I too was on the dance floor, and my husband long forgotten. I enjoyed myself.

I didn’t even stop a guy when he put his hands on my behind. It made feel all hot but before it went anywhere, the guy was dragged from me. Next thing I know. I was looking at the lights horizontally.

“I said to go home, not cuckold me,” my husband’s voice sounded above me. That’s when I realised he was carrying me and he did not sound happy, in fact he sounded angry.

“Well, I thought since you don’t want me you won’t mind to lend me to someone who does. And I was starting to feel that guy, OK? And with the help of the alcohol he didn’t look so bad,”

He didn’t say anything. Next thing I know, we were in the car and he was driving. I fell asleep. When I woke up he was taking me into the house.

When morning came I found myself naked and alone. I got up and I was about to go shower when I saw the blood on the bed and I knew what happened. I must’ve blacked out because I couldn’t remember making love to him. This was not how I imagined my first time to be. I went and took a shower and when I came out, my husband was in my room.

I found I couldn’t look him in the eye, and since I didn’t know what to say, I said nothing.

“I am sorry for the way I treated you since we got married. And I am not saying I am going to be the role model husband, but I thought we could try,” he must have seen the way my mouth was hanging open because he went on. “I didn’t like the way they looked at you. All my friends couldn’t keep their eyes of you and I realised that I could actually lose you to someone and the thought didn’t sit well with me,”

I tried very hard not to laugh, but a smile might have made its way on to my face because he smiled.

“I made you breakfast,” my jaw hit the ground again. “I have never been with a virgin and I didn’t know you were a virgin. So I thought I could get you breakfast as an apology,” he was not looking at me as he said this, he was looking at the floor.

Can you believe this? He actually looked shy, like he was the one who just had sex for the first time.

Anyway, all that happened two years ago. Now I’m a happily married woman and I am two months pregnant. I have never seen him as happy as when I told him I was pregnant. My parents are coming to our house this Friday and he was the one to make it happen. I am not saying it was easy for us to get here, and we still fight sometimes, but I wouldn’t change this for anything in the word.

Since he found out two weeks ago that I am pregnant, I’m not even allowed to go anywhere alone and he can’t stop praying for a safe delivery. I swear he prays more than me now and he drinks only one glass of alcohol a day. All in all, we are happy.


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