He led me into a big and beautiful room, then he closed the door. I couldn’t even look at his face. I can only imagine how I looked, blushing like an idiot. He cleared his throat and I opened my eyes.

“This is your room and mine is the one across from yours. I thank you for doing this for me, you will have everything you need. You no longer need to work, I will give you an allowance of 50 000 a month to buy whatever you want. I have 8 cars, you are allowed to drive only six of them, the other two are my favourite so don’t touch them.”

I looked up and nodded my head. He smiled, which made me happy because I was the reason for that smile, then he went on.

“I am sure you have seen your face. Sure your body is not bad but your face, damn. I wonder if you’ve ever had a boyfriend. I will of course never touch you and God knows no man will ever wish to touch you. My father wanted me to get married and settle down and I was not ready. So my friend gave me this idea to marry someone I will never desire so that will keep my father quiet. It will help me stay a bachelor, a married bachelor, but a bachelor none the less because we will not have kids together. So, when I am good and ready, I will marry the woman of my dreams and divorce you, the woman of my nightmares. Or I could keep you and you could be a nanny to my kids, I will decide when the time comes.”

By the time he finished, I was asking God why he hated me so much.

He opened the door and then turned to leave. But then he turned back again.

“Oh, and goodnight.”

He turned and he left.

Until today, I still don’t know how I stayed quiet while he delivered his speech. Had you been at the receiving end, you would have been sobbing by time he finished, but I just stayed quiet until he left. For that, I thank God because it was the only mature act I have shown since meeting him.

After he left and I had enough time to think, I cried and cried until I fell asleep.


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