I was just about to send a prayer to the big guy and thank him for shutting them up, when I felt myself being jerked backward by a large hand. I felt my back hit against a rock-hard chest. I did not need to turn around to know that the guy behind me was the one who was trying to get my attention. The other guys, who were laughing, were now quite, in anticipation. The guy turned me to look at him very slowly, as if afraid of what he would find.

When I looked up, I gasped. You wouldn’t blame me if you saw what I saw. The guy standing in front of me was hot, as in, sun melting hot, as in hotter than a volcano hot. People should not be allowed to look this good, it should be illegal, for crying out loud. To put it simply, if he and I were playing in Beauty and the Beast, I would be the beast.

He was looking at me with a blank face. I hadn’t expected him to smile at me or anything, but I at least expected a reaction. Finally, after what seemed like a million years of waiting, I got my reaction. He smiled! He fucking smiled and I swear I even heard some of the guys gasp at his smile. Yes, it was just that breath-taking.

“Will you marry me beautiful?” he said.

I thought I had imagined it at first, until he repeated it. So, naturally, I turned to my left, then to my right, trying to find the beauty he was talking to. I saw no woman near us. I turned to him, my eyes wide with realisation. The first thought that entered my mind left through my mouth.

“Are kidding me?”

When I realised that he was serious, I did what any normal person would do, I fainted.

Please, don’t judge me. I have had what you call a fantasy and a fantastic day. I thought I was dreaming. This was me, Gift, the kind of person these things never happened to. So, needless to say, I accepted his proposal.

In my head I thanked God for sending what I thought was a blind Knight in shining armour. I was in love.


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