Have you ever felt like the whole world is against you?


Well, I have and let me tell you it is not a nice feeling. I will tell you no matter how embarrassing it is. Maybe I will feel a little bit better afterwards. I should start from the beginning, they say it is always a good place to start.

My name is Gift, I am 25 years old and I am married. Although I probably should mention that I am still a virgin. Yes, you heard right, I am a 25-year-old married virgin. Are you embarrassed for me yet? No? Well keep reading.

I have been married for two years today. When he approached me, he said nothing about abstaining. I was coming from my work place – I work at Malamulele, a little town in Limpopo Province – where I work as a cashier at Shoprite. I was on my way to the taxi rank when he spoke to me.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said from behind me, clearly taken by my body shape.

I couldn’t really blame the guy. I mean, have you have heard Brenda Fassi’s song? I don’t really remember the tittle, but it says, “Show me your figure and I don’t mind your face.”

I didn’t turn around and kept walking. He must’ve thought I didn’t hear him and he shouted.

“Hey gorgeous,” I kept walking. I wished to stop and answer him or just turn and look at him, but then he would get his answer.

One of the people walking near us answered for me.

“Dude, I don’t see anyone who looks half beautiful and you are busy yelling for someone beautiful,”

I know what you are thinking, he was not exactly answering for me. In fact, his comment hurt me. I said nothing.

“What do you mean there is no one beautiful here?” he said to the other guy. “Don’t you see that rare gem to your left? If you can’t see her then I am starting to question your sexuality my friend,”

I wanted to turn and around and tell him to shut up, but that would not have been me at all. Instead I increased my pace and hoped to get to where I was going faster. I prayed to get into the taxi and leave. But then, I heard laughter. It was not just one person. I realised that all the people in front of me who could see me were laughing. Not that I blamed them but wow, was I really that bad?

I wanted to ask but once again, that would have been out of my comfort zone. So I kept walking.

“Man I believe you are the one that needs to have your eyes checked. What I see here in front of me is no rare gem, in fact, she is no gem at all,” my “defender” said.

I guess that got to the one behind me as the guy, and every other guy, began laughing.


Tell us: What do you think of what these guys are doing? What would you do if they were talking about you?