Tears sprung in my eyes. I felt warmth. That kiss made me lose all the tormenting thoughts and see things differently. It lessened the pain that was in my heart. That kiss mended all the cracks that were in my heart, It was a slow and passionate kiss. We broke the kiss. I was howling as the wind brushed my cheek.

“If you are not for love, it’s okay, don’t push yourself. I was just trying to show you that you deserve more than the unseen messages and unanswered calls. Exhale the fresh air that is around you,” he said, smiling from ear to ear.
We continued chatting as we ate the snacks. He then went home and so did I.
I entered without knocking. I saw my dad on one knee, in front of Aunt Pam, holding a box, I think it had a ring on it.

“Pam, I am old, I want to die happy. Can you make me the happiest man alive, please marry me?” he said, nervously.
“Oh, Patrick! Yes, I will marry you,” she said, in tears.

He placed the ring on her finger. I did a round of applause, they didn’t know I watching, they were surprised.
Later that evening, I went to the balcony, I smiled as I thought of him. I could feel my cheeks blushing. I felt his scent, felt his strong arms embracing me with pure love.

You know what, I won’t allow my ex, Lindokuhle to ruin my happiness, he is no more. I need to get that into my thick skull. He is not coming back. He broke my heart and I need to move on. To see dad and Aunt Pam going to get married at home affairs made me realise they still believed in true love, despite their age, so why don’t I?

I immediately called Lubanzi.

“Hey,” he answered.

“I’m ready, I’m ready, I mean I want to try this and see where it leads us,” I said.

One month passed Lindokuhle called asking for forgiveness, saying he didn’t know how to be better without me. I gave him true love and he tore my heart apart. I didn’t wait for him to finish what he was going to say, I ended the call. Lubanzi become my teddy, my tissue. The stars in my dreams. My angel from above. When it came to him, I’d talk until next year and I thank him for loving me truly, for lifting me up when I was in the dark. As for Lindokuhle he had some nerve to ask for love again when I struggled so much because of him. But one thing I learned is that life is like a dice, you never know the outcome until you throw it.


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