The past can mould our future yet destroy everything. It’s up to us to accept the changes that life brings upon us or just let the past ruin everything for us.

I told myself that I will never love again, that I will never trust a guy in my life again. I told myself that I will never accept the changes of life, but here I am smiling like an idiot because of love.

The summer always comes with new beginnings, Good news, healthy lifestyle… I wondered what this summer had in store for me. During the first week of summer season dad and I went to Harry Gwala stadium to watch a soccer match. We were wearing white T-shirts. His was printed: ‘I love my daughter’ and mine: ‘ I love my dad’ accompanied by long navy jean and black snickers. We were cheerful as we were on the winning team, I was only there for moral support. I don’t really love football, I love cricket. I’d do anything for my dad, I’d even take a bullet for him. I started to have a strange feeling I felt like someone was watching me. I looked around and didn’t see anyone looking at me. Since the weather was good we managed to finish the game. We went to a nearby shop to grab something to eat.
“Oh no, I can’t find my phone,” I said as I searched my bag.

I remembered the last time I checked the time it was in my hand. It must have been stolen or I lost it at the stadium. I went back to check our seats where we sat but there was nothing.

“You must be looking for this,” he said, as he handed me my phone.

“Thank you so much! How can I thank you?” I said, grateful.

“Your tens will be enough,” he said, smiling.

“061…” I said, blushing as I gave him my number.

I went back to dad told him how I found it, we went home, tired as ever.

In the morning I logged to WhatsApp, found a message from an unsaved number.

Unknown: Good morning beautiful.

I opened the message and left it on read. After two minutes I received another message.

Unknown: I’m Lubanzi, the guy who had your phone.

I don’t usually give numbers to strangers or anyone. But I replied.

Akahlulwa:Hello Lubanzi and I’m Akahlulwa, so what are you going to do with my number?

He was typing when aunt Pam called me, “Akahlulwa, go brush your teeth, breakfast is ready.”
Aunt Pam is a lady who helps us to do house chores. I stay with her and dad in a big mansion. My dad owns four big companies. Aunt Pam treats me like I’m her own child. My mother ran away when I was 2 weeks old, saying she wasn’t ready to raise a child so dad had to take care of me by himself. He hired aunt Pam, as my nanny. When I was able to look for myself, she was like a part of my family. Dad opened a day care centre for her under her name. I thank dad for everything that he has done for me. I owe him with my whole life. I want him to be proud of me. After we ate breakfast I washed dishes.

Midnight I received a text from Lubanzi.

Lubanzi: If you won’t be busy, please meet me tomorrow at the park near your home @ 12. Where do you stay?

Akahlulwa: I stay in phase 2.

I was looking forward to meeting him. By 11am I was already on my way. Argh I found him already there with his friends, he introduced me, then they left him with me. We played merry-go-round and swung. I really enjoyed his company. He stayed in phase 4. I went home found my dad cooking dinner.


Tell us: Do you think something can happen between the two of them?