After work, I got into my car. It was exactly 5 p.m. As I started the car, I saw a message from Sarah.

45 Dunmore street, Laven

I had the address, now what would stop me from having fun with Sarah?

Another text came. It was from my wife, Margaret.

Am in the sexy outfit.

I ignored it. I called Sarah instead.

“Baby, I can’t wait,” I said, looking at the street. “Is Eddie back yet?” I asked.

“No he did not come baby boy. What do you want for supper?” she asked.

“Only you,” I answered and cut the call.

I drove to Sarah’s place. It was in another town, I stayed in Hillside but she stayed in Eastlea.

This relationship didn’t stop, it went on for months. I always fed Margaret with excuses.

Sarah and I talked about our future. She said that I should leave my wife and she would leave Eddie. She got hurt when I said my wife was important. She was my side dish and Margaret would always be my wife. I told her we were just playing.

I spent most of my weekends with her and lied to my wife that I was auditing in another town. My relationship with my wife was getting worse, it had no love, no passion, no affection anymore. It was a dead marriage and she never complained.

One day I overslept at Sarah’s home. I knew Eddie was going to visit her. I had to leave at 7 a.m. but it was already 9:45 a.m. when I woke up. She was sleeping on my chest. I watched her beautiful body and started kissing her. She woke up and we started having sex when I heard a noise.

“Sarah, aaaaaaah! What is this?” a man in the room said and I looked to see Eddie and my wife, Margaret, standing by the door.

Sarah pushed me off of her and we were so ashamed that we kept pulling the sheets up to cover ourselves.

“Trevor, you haven’t changed!” shouted Margaret.

“I thought you were my friend, how could you?” Eddie said angrily.

Margaret ran out and I quickly took my clothes and ran after my wife.

She was gone and I drove off, following the trail of her car. She had gone home. I could see I had wounded my Maggie. She was indignant.

“How could you? You promised to change!” she shouted with tears on her face. She packed all her clothes.

“I am sorry baby, please don’t leave,” I begged on my knees.

“Sorry? How many times must I forgive you?!” she shouted.

I carried on begging as she packed all her belongings. She had already made her choice. This time it was for good.

I was so embarrassed to even walk down the streets but stayed cooped up at home. I lied and said that I was sick with malaria so I never went to work. Grace came to visit me while I was so pale and looked like I was dying. She sat on the couch and I sat the other side.

“How could you, Trevor? You hurt Maggie,” she said.

I stared into space. I should have fixed my marriage, I cheated again, I am a fool, I thought.

“Margaret is pregnant, that’s what I came to tell you… She said she won’t allow you close to her child,” Grace continued.

I was shocked and frustrated by hearing that she was pregnant. “Oh my God, she can’t do that,” I muttered.

“You made your bed so lie on it, she is divorcing you,” she said and stood up and left.


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