The next day after “drinks” with Eddie, I could smell bacon and Russians from the kitchen. The door opened as I sat on my bed.

“Good morning my husband, breakfast in bed,” Margret said, putting the tray beside my bed on the table.

“Morning Maggie,” I said, not surprised. “What did I do to deserve this?” I asked and got up to put on a gown.

She hugged me. “Do I need reasons to treat my husband?” she asked and gave me a kiss and I kissed her back.

“I have to bath fast,” I said, avoiding thinking about the fact that I cheated on her last night.

“No baby, eat first,” she requested and I sat down while she gave me the tray.

I ate in silence. I suspected she might be suspecting that I had cheated again and now with Eddie’s girlfriend. My throat throbbed, it was hard to swallow the food down. I forced myself and forced it down.

She watched me eat and I was glad when I finished. I put the tray down and stood to leave.
She stood close to me and held my waist, smiling at me.

“Will you be home early today, I have a surprise for dessert, I know how you like deserts, right?” she asked patiently.

“Wow for me! I will be home early,” I said to get her off my case.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I dressed for work then I checked my phone. There were four messages from a number I didn’t know.

You left without saying goodbye.

I miss you, care to visit me my flat, will send my address.

I really enjoyed last night, can I see you again?

Please, I need you, Trevor, you are so handsome.

They were all from Sarah. I was excited even with the shock of my wife’s behavior, she never caught me.

I took some clothes in a small bag. I left without letting my wife know. While in the car, I called Sarah to let her know I could be with her for the rest of week. She was happy to be with me since Eddie was still at his mother’s.

At work, I was pleased and delighted and I worked quickly. A message on my phone came from my wife which made me livid.

Don’t forget tonight, I am waiting for you.


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