Weekend is coming and Jabu is planning a big party. Ronnie buys himself fancy shining clothes. He spends two thousand on his clothes and shoes. The apartment consists of three rooms: two bedrooms and a kitchen combined with a lounge. Jabu bought a leather sofa and a plasma TV. The place looks fancy.

“Jabu, this isn’t good. What if someone worked for that money?” Ronnie sips on his juice.

Jabu and Ronnie sit on the sofa watching soccer and drinking juice on a Saturday afternoon. Jabu has appointed a catering company to supply them with snacks and plenty of wine. The party is today at their apartment.

“You already brought clothes with this. We are in this together,” Jabu smiles.

He stands up and goes to make a call to his woman. Ronnie takes a walk down the street. He loves being in a place like this, it’s better than the shacks. If Jabu means they are in this together, then they will have a nice life for a while. But inside his heart he feels it’s wrong. His guilty conscience wants his feet to drag to the police to report the money and return it. He doesn’t know what to do. His head says the money will help him a big deal but his heart is so scared, reminding him of the tough angry guy with the pistol in their shack.

The party is awesome, Jabu smiles when he sees the apartment with his friends behaving like troop of monkeys. The snacks are delicious but people are mingling with beer and wine. Ronnie wants to stay sane, he drinks a glass of beer and eats too much.

A lady dressed in a red long dress joins him but he is shy. She has cute dimples that make Ronnie weak at his knees.

“Beautiful fancy place,” she says admiring the place. Her sweet eyes peep at every corner but Ronnie remains quiet. He is nervous, a beautiful lady speaking to him.

“I am Ruth,” she says, giving her hand for a shake.

“ I… I… Am Ronnie,” Ronnie replies feeling her soft hands.

“I see you and your friend are rich,” she smiles.

“It’s not that, we decided to have a party to celebrate our achievements,” he says anxiously.

“Wow. I can also satisfy your other needs,” she pulls him closer.

He feels the fragrance of her skin. His weakness grows bolder and he feels he will pee in his pants and it will be a huge embarrassment. Ruth kisses his lips and he kisses back. Jabu laughs and rushes to them.

“Ronnie, go to the bedroom, you can have your own privacy there,” he pushes them to the corridor.

Ronnie holds the girl’s hand and walks to the bedroom. They close the door behind them and a loud music plays in the lounge. Ronnie sleeps with the lady as if he has done it before.

Jabu sleeps on the sofa, drunk, when everyone has left.

Two men enter his apartment. They are Zweli and Melusi. They were waiting outside for everyone to leave the apartment. Melusi fetches a bucket of water and splashes it on top of Jabu who jumps up. Zweli points the gun in his face. He wipes his face and looks attentively at them but doesn’t know who they are. He thinks they are robbers.

“Take anything you want but please don’t kill me,” Jabu shivers like a wet kitten.

Sbu is keeping watch outside so that no one will call the police. He opens the BMW, gets in and sits looking at the entrance of the apartment. Their plan is to take the cash and disappear without anyone noticing them.

“Where is the money?” Zweli hisses, chewing a toothpick.

Jabu recognizes Zweli, the man who came in the shack holding the plastic of cash. He looks at the other one, who has scars on his forehead and neck. He doesn’t know what to do or say. He drowns in a sea of fear.

“I said where is the cash?” Zweli slaps his cheek lightly.

Sounds of people giggling are coming from the corridor and so they grab Jabu and take off secretly without anyone noticing them.


Tell us: What do you think will happen to Jabu?