Jabu and Ronnie are guards at an events company. They started sharing the shack when they started working together. Rooms are expensive in Joburg and they couldn’t afford a room and also send money home. They also have to pay electricity bills and buy personal things.

Jabu loves money and he often gambles. He’s won a lot of times but spends it on beer. He is quick to temper and vicious. He doesn’t allow anyone to take advantage of him and his friend. He always fights with people at the bar for silly misunderstanding whilst Ronnie is a cheerful and quiet person. He hates what Jabu does but he will never tell him to avoid a fight.

The shack has a table with a hot plate stove and two three-quarter beds and a broken wardrobe that they pile their clothes in. A big dish for bathing sits on top of the wardrobe and a small 20 litre bucket is on the side of the door; they usually use it for the toilet or water.

Jabu takes the plastic and hides it under the bed. He takes a stack and goes out. Ronnie sits on the bed, waiting. Maybe the owner will return back for his money.

Jabu walks in holding bags of MacDonald’s.

“I brought us food, at three we must look for a nice apartment for us. I will have my own room and you will have yours,” he giggles.

“That money isn’t ours, Jabu. What if the man comes back?” Ronnie says worriedly.

“If you want to be poor, remain here. I am going,” he says confidently, dishing the food in plates. He gives Ronnie a burger and chips and they eat silently.

Ronnie eats slowly, thinking about his life. If he remains here, the man will return and kill him. But what if the money is dirty and one day they get arrested? Ronnie decides to go with Jabu, at least he won’t suffer like they always did. Poverty will be gone and they will have everything they need in life.

After eating, they pack their things and Jabu seems to have things in control and planned. A bakkie comes to carry their beds, stove and clothes to their new home. Ronnie still feels nervous and anxious. Jabu smiles because he is rich and promises that when they are home they will split the money in half.

The bakkie drives off to Sandton. They will be staying in an apartment that costs eight thousand Rands monthly. Ronnie can’t believe this and he smiles at their new life and new adventure but he suffers from guilty.

At 5 p.m. they prepare for work. Ronnie gets a new bedroom, half his share and more space. He smiles and the bad feelings disappear in his heart. He is overjoyed to know that he can buy brand new clothes, whilst Jabu is planning a party and to bringing the opposite sex in the apartment.


Tell us: What would you do with the money, spend it or leave it?