“We are in deep shit… Some guy attacked me in the bank,” Sbusisio keeps looking towards the back.

“He is the one who pressed the alarm!” Melusi shouts.

The vibration of the engine makes so much noise that they can’t even hear their own voices. The car is now in the bush, Zweli has driven onto a dusty road when he saw the police were far behind. He continues driving further and further until they stop. They grab the plastic bag with money and their pistols. They run in the high tall grass, its height is taller than them.

Sirens resonate nearby as they run till they reach a land of shacks. The shacks are so close to each other.

“We have to move fast,” Zweli says.

“The police know we are here, I think they have found the car,” Sbusisio says.

“Let’s go our separate ways, you go that way, I that way and Sbu this way,” Zweli instructs, pointing at different directions.

“OK and who will take the money?” Sbusiso asks.

“Me of course,” Zweli answers.

Melusi doesn’t respond but keeps his eye out for the police. Zweli codes to them with signals to go and they run in separate directions. Zweli holds the plastic tightly until he sees a police in front. The police is looking the other way, he quickly finds the door of a shack and enters it then he glances at the two men who are eating.

Jabu and Ronnie look at him angrily. Jabu jumps up and Zweli shows the gun in his hand. Jabu sits back down frightened. They move in a corner and lift their hands in confusion and fear. They have never been held at gunpoint.

“Please don’t kill us,” Ronnie pleads.

“Look that side… I will kill you,” Zweli shouts, pointing the pistol at them.

Jabu and Ronnie look to the side and they hear the door being slammed. Ronnie shivers and sweats but Jabu looks back and sees a black plastic on the floor.

“You will get us killed Jabu,” Ronnie cries like a lamb being attacked by prey.

“Why are you like a puppy? Look here,” he says walking to the plastic on the ground.

Ronnie peeks at it when Ronnie is kneeling down, opening the plastic bag greedily. He walks slowly towards him.

“What can that be?” he asks.

“Let’s check,” Jabu opens it.

Ronnie pulls Jabu by the collar angrily, always wanting to do things by the book. His heart is gentle like a lamb and innocent like a child. He fears evil.

“Where is that man?” Ronnie asks checking their room.

“Maybe he vanished in thin air,” Jabu laughs.

“Stop joking, he will come back,” Ronnie replies sounding scared.

Ronnie kneels down and opens the plastic bag. He finds the money and he is tongue-tied. He opens his mouth wide with no words uttered. Ronnie draws nearer to his friend.

“We are blessed,” Jabu jumps up in joy.

“Wait, that man will come back,” he says nervously.

“Don’t spoil the fun. We are rich,” Jabu shouts, piling the cash in the air.


Tell us: What do you think they will do with the money?